Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Changes

So remember the proud post I did on my newly finished and redecorated sewing room? That baby has been so much fun!! It stays nice and neat, it is a calming comfortable color, and so completely organized it is almost scary!!! But, the floors, oh yuck, the floors. A little paint here and there...dog hair....thread, and LOTS of spill stains that I couldn't quite get cleaned up as well as I would like...all this covers the floor. So Jim and I have decided to get rid of carpet and get some wood floors!! Well, laminate floors, but you know what I am saying:) We are starting in the sewing room and moving out from there to do the entire downstairs minus the tiled areas!! Woo Hoo...totally worth having to re-take all the furniture out of there and put it all back again!! I post pics when we finish!!!
Temporary emptying of my sewing room.....
Gave the girls a little room to move it and shake it!!

Kyndall....always the ballerina!! and a pic of Avery's face....that is a rare one:)

...and we all fall down!

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