Sunday, January 31, 2010

Uncle Paul Came to visit

Uncle Paul came to visit!! We always love when he comes, and this time he brought his sweetie. I loved her...she was friendly, cute, funny and best of all, made Paul smile big:) Uncle Bill and Grandpa came over too and we all had fun playing guitar hero, me asking poor Olga (Paul's sweetie) a million questions, and watching the girls try to outdo each other for the center of attention...all-in-all a very entertaining get together:) Enjoy the few pics I took!
Be still my heart, look how much the girls love their Grandpa...both ran over to him and jumped in his lap...totally a kodak moment (taken with my un-kodak camera).
Just a cute pic of lil' Ave

Action shot of the girls dancing with daddy while Uncle Paul and Uncle Bill were playing the Beatles Guitar Hero songs...everytime Avery hears music she runs to Jim and says, "Dance, dance"...then she reaches for her sis's hand and says, "sister dance"...too cute!

What a cute bunch huh!! We were about to leave for dinner and I HAD to snap a pic of the girls with Uncle Paul...but they were wanting Daddy (as usual) so we got a great group shot!! To the left is Olga(2 thumbs up), Uncle Paul, Kyndall, Jim, crying Avery, Uncle Bill, and Grandpa!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My new sewing room!!

So I posted earlier about my wonderful husband. I am pretty proud and happy that I ended up snatching him up!! And if you ask my Grammie she'll tell you that she knew he was "the one" from the first moment she met him. I could go on and on about the amazing way he takes care of our family, but I am going to cut the bragging short and only share how great of a gift-giver he is. I really wish that I had taken a "before" pic of our office, but sadly I only have after ones. It was pretty much your every day run-of-the-mill home office/study. I had taken it over, however with my sewing obsession. I love fabrics and they were stacked some points you couldn't even walk through the room very easily. Jim knew how much I needed a space to organize my sewing supplies and gave me our office. Which really put him to work...he helped me refinish the furniture, move the furniture, paint the walls, hang a desk valance (explained later in this post), and put together a super set of shelves for me to organize my supplies and fabrics!! I LOVE IT....I know this is a blog about my girls, but I had to brag about my sweet hubby and show off my new room!! next post will be of the girls I promise!!!
This is the view as you walk in the door!! The walls were white (with crayon drawings on a few from the Kelly babes)...and are now a crisp, clean "Sagey" from Home Depot. Please notice the edges up top, my friend Candace came over and "cut in" the WHOLE room, just because she is sweet like that!! Also notice the desk. It used to be a rather used cherry finish and now is refinished (thanks to my sweet friend Jenny Garland who came over and spent hours helping me) in a classy black. All "junk" laying around was sorted through, boxed up, and put in proper places while all sewing, craft, and office supplies have been organized and put neatly back in the room.
You can see a good angle of the desk and where my sewing machine sits now....girly huh!! I store a few things(well more than a few) under my desk so I made a valance to cover it up! Thanks to Jenny for the great idea, Candace for a super way to install it, Intaly for the wood, and Jim for installing it after I finished sewing it!!

I had to put up a pic of "Helga" my dress form (the blue headless mannequin next to the plastic drawers that will one day be replaced) that I acquired because of a sweet friend who thought I might like one!! I can't WAIT to size her up to my measurements and make a sassy skirt or summer dress:) And now I can make some adult aprons!! Oh how fun she will be:)

These are the shelves that Jim put together for me one night while I was out. It was a surprise and a great one!! I was so excited to have places for all my things instead of piles around the room!

Now, if you have any good ideas for the blank wall behind my desk please email or comment and share!! I plan on adding slowly as I become more acquainted with my new space!! Love to you all:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Late Christmas Post!!

So my family might seem a little small compared to Jim's, but we have the best time together!! We went to Lubbock (where my parents live) for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, then we all went to Grammie and Popo's house to see Uncle Rick and Aunt Kristen, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Gay, our Cousin Todd and his sweet daughter Sophie, and my Dad's mom, Grammy, came too:) The girls were spoiled as usual with lots of gifts and lots of people playing with them. I am posting some pics of that whole weekend of fun! Kyndall had so much fun that she started crying when we were packing to leave on Sunday, and we ended up letting her stay another couple of days with her Gram and Bits. I love Christmas...especially now that I can see the magic and fun of it through my girls' eyes. I was really excited that Kyndall kept saying it was Jesus' Birthday. Gotta remember the true meaning behind it all!!
Oh, and by the way, if you don't know my husband very well let me just tell you how amazing he is at gift giving!! He let me turn OUR office into MY sewing room for Christmas...refinishing the desk, painting the walls, putting together cabinets for storing all my supplies and fabrics!! I LOVE IT (pictures to come when all is completely said and done)!! And all I got him was the Beatles Rock Band for our wii and a barnes and nobles gift certificate....oh well, maybe I'll get creative next year!!
It snowed really hard the night before Christmas Eve, so Jim and I bundled the girls up to go play in the snow!!

Avery didn't even want to take this pic...she was NOT happy with the snow!

Kyndall LOVED playing out in the snow!! It was up to her knees!!

Kyndall and Jim's snowman

Now THIS is a real snowcone!!

Good Morning Beautiful!! Santa left Kyndall and Avery's presents (Pet Care Center for Kyndall and Baby Care Center for Avery) wrapped up on Christmas morning...this is Kyndall before opening them. They had notes on them telling the girls to share their presents with each other....and Kyndall still quotes Santa saying she and Avery have to share their presents.
Pretty Princesses!!
Kyndall playing with her new Pet Care Center
Avery playing with her new baby care center
Avery chilling out with Popo
Grammie got me a new flowering tea pot for Christmas (since mine broke) and Kyndall decided she wanted to have a tea party. So she got Grammie and her new doll Grammie gave her and they drank some yummy tea!
Bits and Gram (my mom and dad) joined the tea party too:)
Gram with her girls
Grammy Garth and me!!
Sophie and Kyndall bonding over some ballet!!
Sophie bought the girls a playdough icecream maker. She played with them for hours!! Kyndall loves her so much, she still talks about Sophie and makes pictures for her:)
Avery and Jim enjoying Sunday lunch before our LONG drive home!