Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween was so fun this year since Kyndall got to go "Trick or Treating" She had a blast...said Trick or treat every time and a big "Thank You" as we left each house...check out her loot at the end...don't worry, she said she'd share with Mommy and Daddy, so she won't eat it all! Oh, and Pa-pa, Kyndall saved all her tootsie rolls for you! Oh and a big Thank you to Emma and Laura-Marie who loaned Kyndall her cute Kitty Cat costume...She did NOT want to take it off:)
Cute Kitty with her princess candy bucket!
Ready to go now that she has her whiskers!

Kittens with whiskers:)
Cute little Kittens

Avery kitty on the prowl!

Kyndall Trick or Treating at our Neighbor Melissa's house!

Kyndall with all her loot!

Kyndall Trick or Treating!

Forth Worth Zoo

Tuesday we took the girls to the Fort Worth Zoo with Grampa Kelly. We had a great time! Kyndall's favorite part was riding the train (but she really loved it all). Her least favorite parts were going into the "caves" and dark buildings to look at some of the animals(gorillas,apes,reptiles,fish,penguins). Avery seemed to be the most fascinated by fish, however she made a Gorilla come over to her and look at her! It was amazing, the gorilla was ignoring everyone and when we wheeled Avery up in the stroller it just ambled over to her and kind of sideways glanced at her until more people came over. Then it got up and went on its way! It was neat to see the Gorilla become curious and check Avery out! Enjoy the album I have attached...just click on the pic below to see our fun day!

Ft. Worth Zoo 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Proverbs 3:5a

On the way to the Pumpkin Patch, Kyndall was telling me the verse from Sunday School this past weekend....the verse is: Trust the Lord with all your heart...but Kyndall insists that it is Trust the Lord with all my heart:) So cute! I know I'll get some tears from you Grammie, I thought you would think this was sweet:)

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

We really LOVED the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. There were bounce houses, tons of places to take really cute pics, lots of pumpkins, a hayride, and even some animals to look at! Kyndall and Avery both enjoyed the fun sights and experience. Grampa Kelly got to join us...which made Kyndall's day! Check out the Album by clicking on the pic of Avery:

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Carving

Kyndall had so much fun picking her pumpkin out at the Pumpkin Patch. She got a big one and a baby one. We took them home and carved her first Jack-O-Lantern! Avery was there too...but not too year:)
The Perfect Pumpkin!
Pulling her pumpkin through the patch...."I do it"

Daddy and Kyndall before the carving of the Pumpkin

This is pretty fun Daddy....

"I no want ooey gooey punkin on me"

Our Jack-O-Lantern!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get you "Guns Up" Raider Fans!

Kyndall has learned to get her "guns up" for Texas Tech! Jim couldn't be any prouder right now:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing with Matthew and Kyler

Jim and Kristi came to town to visit and watch the cowboys game 2 weeks ago...can't believe it has been that long since I have blogged. The girls had such a great time playing with Matthew and Kyler...we hope they can come visit again soon:)
Avery and Kyler
Kyndall and Matthew

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ben's Birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese's

Our best friends John and Jodi Jeffords had a birthday party for Ben this weekend. He turned 5, and we had a great time celebrating with him at Chuck-E-Cheese's. Kyndall is at the age where she enjoyed playing the games, eating the pizza and cupcakes, and doing the birthday march and dance. Avery just watched everyone with her big brown eyes!
Happy Birthday Ben! He turned the big "5"
Avery was having fun with Daddy

and Mommy

Kyndall doing the birthday march!

...she was clapping her cute little hands:)

Kyndall eating pizza with her best friend Emily(Ben's sis)

Ben blowing out his candles with Chuck-E

Loved the cupcakes! This is her icing face:)

Kyndall Sick and Avery's Fat Lip

This week was a little rough on the girls. Kyndall got sick on Tuesday and could not keep anything down...even water. It was so sad. She just laid on the couch and I had her shows on for her all day. At about 5 that same day she threw up for the last time and after that was running all around the house, and could eat and drink and was pretty much back to her old self. Then next day she was fine. Then on Thursday we went to Kim Peichel's studio to get some pics of the girls and of our burpcloth/wipes cases gift sets. Avery got brave and started crawling around...tried to pull up to a cabinet and lost her grip and just hit her little lip on the cabinet. Here are some pics of the girls this week...
Poor little baby
She was so tired, she didn't even look at me when I took the pic:

So pitiful

Thursday, October 9, 2008

8 months and on the go....

Avery turned 8 months old on the 5th, and she is just so much fun. She has 2 bottom teeth, eats rice cereal, baby veggies and fruits, and now really enjoys cheerios and baby puff stars. She has been crawling for awhile now, and is pulling up to her knees using furniture, walls, toys, whatever she can get her hands on. She is pretty quick too...if I walk across the room she is right next to me in seconds. She is a HUGE Mommy's girl right now. She says "ma-ma"...and I thought at first it was just her making the sounds, but everytime she did it I would pay attention to her, or pick her up and now she will come over to me and say it...which is very exciting especially since Kyndall said "da-da" first! She is officially not happy with strangers or new people holding her. She screams and reaches for me. She gets happy and waves her hands in the air when her Daddy gets home from cute! Here are some pics of her on the go around the house.

Following Kyndall (who was actually trying to hide from her:)

Up the stairs?

Our baracade now!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kyndall loves her Pa-pa aka Grampa

I am gearing up for a craft show in Plano, Texas this Oct. 17,18, &19, and have to make a lot of baby gift sets. So Saturday I sent Jim and Kyndall out for the morning/early afternoon so I could get a few made. They decided to visit Grampa Kelly (which is one of Kyndall's favorite things to do). They went to the duck pond and fed the ducks, went to the park and Kyndall walked across the "scary bridge", and ate lunch. Then Grampa gave her some "monies" ( a stack of pennies in a container) which she plays with all the time now:) So thanks Grampa for the fun Saturday with Kyndall....I got a lot of sets made and Kyndall came home telling me all about the great time she and her Daddy had with you! By the way, Avery stayed home with me and napped most of the day....more pics to come of her soon...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kyndall LOVES Dancing with the Stars

Jim is going to kill me for posting this!! But everytime Dancing with the Stars comes on, Kyndall runs over to Jim and wants to "dance" with him. It is so cute! He is such a good sport, he dances every time! I am adding a video at the bottom if you want to see their great moves!!