Monday, May 25, 2009

Some fun with Bits and Gram!

We had such a fun weekend with Bits and Gram here visiting! They played outside with the girls, we all went to dinner, and we went to Weatherford for our good friend, Arlen's birthday!! Unfortunately we didn't get any pics from the party, but we got a few of Kyndall and Avery enjoying time with their Grandparents!! We can't wait for them to come and visit again soon...
Bits and Daddy were making a tunnel for Kyndall's fun!
Avery was playing with her Gram:)

Kyndall just LOVES her Gram!

Bits was reading to the girls before they left...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ballet is for Big Girls

I have been waiting to make this announcement until I knew for sure she was completely trained, but Kyndall is officially potty trained!! Yay!! This is how it happened: One day Kyndall watched the show Olivia (a little girl pig who took ballet) and decided she wanted to take ballet. I told her that only big girls who wear panties can take ballet. My friend Michelle's daughter, Olivia, takes ballet (what a coincidence huh, only she is a beautiful little girl, not a pig!!) and was having bring a friend day. So Jim and I told Kyndall she could go if she was wearing panties and going in the "big girl potty". Jim really worked with her one day, and after that she really wanted to be potty trained. It took about a week and a half to get over "accidents", but now she is completely in panties (except at night) and goes on her own when she is at home...what a blessing!!!
So I took her to ballet today and she LOVED it. She did exactly what the teacher asked her to do, she listened, and smiled this gorgeous, beautiful, sweet smile the entire time! When we left she began to cry because she wanted to stay!! The teacher was super sweet and Olivia (Kyndall's friend who brought her) held Kyndall's hand and helped her when she didn't quite know what to do. Thanks Michelle and Olivia for providing such a wonderful day for my sweet big girl!! I guess Ballet classes are in our near future!!

A few little poses with her sweet friend Olivia!

Action Shot!

Sitting and waiting quietly for class to end!

Little girls just run around trying to get into other Mommy's purses!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The McKinney Square...and lunch

One of the great things about living in McKinney, Texas is the shops on the McKinney Square (downtown) They are full of great antiques, cute clothes, fun home decor, and of course some of the best restaurants in town. Kyndall, Avery and I met my friend Jenny, and her little girl Kate (who is 5 days older than Kyndall), and her sweet baby Sara Paige at the Square to day to enjoy some window shopping and a great lunch. Kate and Kyndall had a blast running around together, and Avery was just in awe of Kate...enjoy some fun pics of our day:)
Kate and Kyndall...posing on the comfy couch/chair thing...future models??
Aww...they really enjoyed each other! Bet ya can't guess which is Kate and which is Kyndall...
Here is Avery enjoying the shops at the Square, with thumb in usual position!

Kate, Jenny, and Sara Paige

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Valentines....and Mother's Day

It was such a wonderful Mother's day today! I got donuts in the morning, with Starbuck's coffee, we took flowers to Barb's gravesite, lunch was my choice (Taco Cabana because we were pushing it with the girls' naptimes, it was a grab-n-go type situation), and dinner at La Madeline! I made the girls some ruffle pants and embelished some shirts to go with them and they wore them for me today!! The girls gave me a sweet card (which Kyndall signed in her own version of her name) and a whole sample package of teas and coffees from the Coffee Beanery. I also got a clear teapot because some of my tea was the flowering kind. That is where it starts out as a little ball of dried up looking grass and when you put it in the teapot of hot water it opens up into a pretty flower and great tasting tea. So we made a pot and cleaned out Kyndall's tea set and all had a family tea party in our pjs before bedtime! This was the most fun Mother's day yet:) I especially enjoyed Kyndall telling me Happy Valentine's Day over and over again all day (instead of Happy mother's day)....could 2 year olds be any cuter? I think not.... Oh and she also wants to know when "Big girl's Day" is...anyone know? Maybe I'll just tell her what my parents told me, "Everyday is Big girl's day". Happy Mother's day to all my friends who are mothers and especially to my sweet Mom, Grammie Lawrence, and Grammy Garth! You all have been the most loving Christian influences in my life and I am so blessed that you have taught me everything I know....Love you
The girls peeking out the window cute:) This is the back of the outfits that I made them:

This morning we took some flowers to Barb's grave (Jim's mom) we lost her last May 14th and it was Jim's first Mother's Day without her. We love her forever....and miss her everyday
My loot: Jim is holding my array of different tea bags, to the left is a basket full of different coffees, and in front is a new clear teapot holding one of my 12 new flowering teas. I came home from the Lavendar Tea Room with Grammie one time and told him how cool the flowering tea they had was, and he sweet is that??
Pretty cool huh!! This is the "flowering" tea inside the clear teapot I got! Now ready for a toddler size tea party!!

Thanks Uncle Jerry and Aunt Gay for the silver sippy cup you gave the girls! It was perfect for Avery to drink her tea from...
Mother's Day was am I ever going to make Father's day as fun or special???

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just some fun...

Here are some May pics of the girls...Kyndall has a new friend! Her name is Kiley and she and her Mommy are in my BSF (bible study fellowship) and MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) groups. I have really enjoyed all the friends I have made in these groups as well...
Kyndall and her sweet friend Kiley...riding bikes
The girls LOVE to play with each other....and usually get to 2x a week!

Gotta include Avery in the post too:) Here she is eating her pasta pick ups with a fork...she wants to be just like her big sister...and she did a pretty good is just a quick video

Jack's First Communion

Well, Jack did it! His first Communion. This is a very big event in his life. We were so happy to be a part of it. They don't have childcare during these services so we got to see him go in, and pretty much come back out. We tried to take the girls in for a bit, but as hard as they tried, they just couldn't stay still and quiet. We love ya Jack and are so happy for you:)
Here is Jack lined up with his prayer hands waiting to go in!! He is the 5th boy from the left...aww
This is what the girls did DURING the Service/Mass

Catholic Church is fun Mommy, you run all around the Courtyard:)

Kyndall and Jack talking after the service! Love it!

All the cousins minus Avery: Joe, Jack, Kyndall, Alex, and Dani