Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A few cute and funny moments this week by the Kelly girls

Here are some pics from our adventures so far this week (Mon & Tues) enjoy!
Playdate with Kate and Eric...we stuck the slide in the little pool and made a water park!!! We had a blast:)
Drying off and watching Dora...their fav show!!

Her shirt says, "Looking for Trouble" and that is EXACTLY the state of mind she is in right now (or at least it seems like it)!!! She is such a sweet girl, but the perfect song for her right now is "Miss Independent". She wants her own juice to carry and drink (as she spills it all over the place), she wants to eat her own food, on her own plate, with her own fork. And she copies EVERYTHING Kyndall does...it is the sweetest thing to watch. One day Kyndall got upset because she was copying her and I told her that Avery wants to be just like her and tries to copy her and do everything she does. Kyndall looked at me and said, "Like I do to you and Daddy". I love the things that come out of her mouth sometimes...so sweet!!

I put Mae in the hall behind the baby gate today when Avery was eating lunch (because she likes to persuade Avery into feeding her). She started whining and Kyndall came up to me and said, "Mae is crying Mommy". I just kept getting Avery her food and the next thing I know Kyndall is behind the gate saying, " I go back here so Mae no cry anymore, she happy now Mommy"! I ran and grabbed the camera as fast as I could...how sweet is that??!! Kyndall is towards the back left...you can see her run over to Kiley (on the far left of the screen) and then do the dance with her...too cute!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Jim Kelly is absolutely the best husband and Daddy there is. He amazes me each and every day with his patience, abounding love, and creative ideas when playing with and taking care of his girls. When I married him I knew he would be a great Dad, but I have discovered that he has surpassed my expectations a hundred times over. He is talked about ALL day long by Kyndall, ran to at the door (by Kyndall and Avery) when he comes home, and requested as the one to tuck Kyndall in bed. Some of the fun things he does with his girls: dance, play horse, swing, sandbox, bubbles, making pancakes(real ones for breakfast), dress up, games, puzzles, reading books, bath time, coloring, painting, building blocks, etc....I could go on and on, but what I really want this blog post to express is how much we love him and appreciate all he does each and every day for us....We love him so much!!!

His first "Daddy moment" bringing Kyndall from the delivery room!!!

Hanging out with Kyndall....she just LOVED (still does) sitting in Daddy's lap

Proud Daddy of 2....

Love this pic of the 3 of them

Swinging with Kyndall

Daddy's kisses are so special
Daddy's girl...had to wear her hat too!!
Great pic of Jim, but also a great example of how fun he is...Kyndall is taking this pic of him!!
At the hotel in San Antonio...he planned a great trip for our family...we all had a blast!
At Sea World in April....
Aww...Sweet sleepy cuddles with Daddy

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kyndall is 3!!

Our sweet Kyndall Ann Kelly turned 3 yesterday!! I can't believe she is so big!! She is such a sweet spirited little girl. She is kind, helpful, and little stubborn, and VERY talkative. She loves princesses and ballet. She is THE BEST big sister and first born daughter we could ask for. This year we had her birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (which is like a Chuck-e-Cheese pizza and games) and had lots of family and friends there to celebrate with her!! Here are some fun pics of her big day!!
My newborn baby Kyndall
1 year old

2 year old
3 year old!!
Kyndall in her birthday outfit and ready to open her presents from Jim, me and Avery!! She got an easel with MANY art supplies and a new "little Mermaid" doll (one of her favorite movies).
Happy family with our 3 year old sweetheart
Hugs!!! Glad Grammie and PoPo could come all the way here for the party!
Kyndall playing on her new easel and sharing with Avery...she is such a sweet big sis
Tinker Bell cupcake cake...she is dangling on a huge flower..
Avery having FUN driving the ice cream truck

Kate riding the "merry go round"
Jodi and Emily!
Jim, Kristi, Matthew and Kyler got to come...so fun!
Most of the party eating pizza!!
Blowing out the candles...with her friend Kate (Her cousin Jack helped her out a little)
Kyndall with Grandpa

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Bow-way" (Ballet)

Okay, it was the big day today...1st day of Summer Ballet class for Kyndall and her 2 sweet friends, Kate and Kiley(Kiley was out of town for this one, but we can't wait until she is back to join the class!) The girls had a blast! They stretched, learned 1st position, learned to run and leap, and had tumbling in the end. Kyndall has 2 sweet teachers, Kady and Candace. Both were so sweet and super patient, I couldn't ask for better teachers. Here are some fun pics of the girls enjoying their first class!!

Kate, Kady(teacher), Candace(teacher), and Kyndall....

This is Kady...I taught her 5 years ago when she was in 2nd Grade...now she is helping teach Kyndall's dance class!!! How cute are they???

Kyndall was trying to learn how to stretch her legs and point her toes:) See Kate at the far left...she did great!!

There we go!! Now we are stretching our legs and pointing our toes!! Nothing like a little help from her sweet teacher!

How Sweet!! Kyndall was learning how to put her little feet in First Position...that is her teacher Candace helping!

Tumbling was after Ballet (That is Kate on the left and Kyndall doing the balance beam)

I'm not sure exactly what they were doing, but Kyndall's little hands were up like a chipmunk!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Kelly Girls go to VBS

Oh my goodness...I LOVE VBS (Vacation Bible School) !!! Kyndall goes from 9-12 everyday this week. She gets to do crafts, learn bible stories, do experiments, have snacks and play!! What more could a 3 year old want??!! And since she is only 3(on Thurs) I have to be up there while she is there, and I am volunteering in Avery's little class. Avery just gets to play with other little girls that are 1. But it is nice quality time I get to spend with her because there are only 3 babes in that class including Avery!! What a fun week we are having at church!! Here are a few pics from the first day!
This was at the door...we were about to leave!!

This was the huge waterfall they built in the church...it had a tent and everything...like a camping scene...so cool!!

How cute is she wearing her name tag!!

I poked my head in Kyndall's class and took a pic of her eating a snack with "her guys" She LOVES VBS

Avery had fun in the little toy nook after we took the toys out!

Exploring the room with her cup of goldfish!

Avery and her new friend eating goldfish together!

Friday, June 12, 2009

No More Paci....

It is official!! As of June 4, 2009....14 days before her 3rd birthday...Kyndall Ann Kelly is no longer using a pacifier to sleep at night. I took Avery for her 15 month check up and my Dr. told me it was time for Kyndall's paci to be gone. It now is going to mess up her teeth and I didn't want that. So for about a month I had been warning her that she was a big girl now, and Paci's are for babies. I also told her that it wasn't good for her teeth (not that she is old enought to care about that yet). Then on June 4th I bit the bullet and told her that we needed to get rid of the paci for good. I told her that we would meet Daddy (her most favorite person in the world) at the mall and get a new ballerina bear. I told her that she could make her very own bear and we would put her paci safely in the bear and close it up tight and no longer use it to sleep...now she could sleep with her new bear. It worked!! We placed the paci in the bear after stuffing it and said goodbye to it for good. She did really well that night too! She only mentioned once ripping the bear open and taking it out!! And I haven't heard about that old paci since!! Here are some cute pics of Kyndall making her Ballerina Bear!
Bye bye paci!! This is right before she made her bear...hmm...I think she isn't so sure about all of this!!
Washing Station: It blew air out to fluff up the bear...and Kyndall got to brush her:)

She LOVES her new Ballerina Bear!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day fun....a little late

We enjoyed a great bbq at the Ericson's house on Memorial day. Ever had pimento cheese burgers?...I would suggest trying them for sure!! We put the kids in their swimsuits and let them enjoy the nice warm weather by playing in the sprinkler!! All the kids had a blast together....so fun...thought I would share some of the pics of the day! Lora, Eric's big sis was there too, but she had to change her clothes several times after getting water dumped on her (she is a good sport!) and I didn't get a good pic of her....she is a cutie though!
Kyndall and Eric having a BLAST in the sprinkler!!

Isn't that a cute, sweet, I'm about to get really dirty kinda face:)

All 3 kiddos together...fascinated by that silly mudhole!

Kyndall and Avery making the mud hole...well....muddier!

Spa treatment: Soaking in a mud hole...all the clothes had to come off!!