Monday, January 28, 2008

More Sister Love...

More pics of Kyndall and Mommy with Avery!

Sweet sister love...

Today Kyndall and I went to Kim Peichel's photography studio to get some pics of Kyndall and Avery before Avery is born. Kyndall was in a good mood, but would have rather snooped around than sit still and toddler times. These are just a couple of cute ones that we got. We are waiting for the rest. I just thought Kyndall looked so sweet hugging and listening to her baby sister Avery!

Kyndall was in such a smiley mood! I thought this was so cute!

Kyndall is listening to Avery...What is she saying??

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toddler Fun...

Having a toddler is about the most fun thing ever. Kyndall has really begun to develop quite a personality. She likes to copy everything we do(so we have to be careful) and she makes up her own ways of playing with her toys and exploring her world! I am amazed everyday when I see her creative thinking and her attempts at communicating. She is getting to where she can copy most words and she is putting together small phrases: bye, bye, more please, down please, no Mama, night-night baby, etc... Now she points to herself and says, "Nyndall". She is really good at bossing Mae around to. She likes to get Mae's toys and throw them for her then she says"drop mae" and takes her toy and runs! She also likes to tell Mae to lay down. She looks at Mae and says, "down" and motions with her hand to get her to lie funny. Hope you enjoy a few of the moments I actually captured of her many new found games to play!
Cuddling with Mae (who you can't see because she is black). Kyndall loves to come and sit in between Mae's front 2 legs and "cuddle" with her. Mae just LOVES it(ha ha).
Playing with "dough" (playdough). She likes to make snakes"sssss" and balls with her playdough! Then she pretends like she is going to eat it and says "no-no" and laughs.

Climbing IN her new toy bench...

Going "night-night" on the stairs...

Helping Mama with the laundry...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Family Weekend and Baby Shower

We had such a fun weekend! Grammie, Popo, Gram, and Gramps all came down to go to my shower for Avery. It was a really fun time! The hostesses were Kate, who goes to bible study with me and has become a really good friend of mine. Janette, who is my best friend from college and the reason I moved to Dallas after college. Karen, who takes care of Kyndall on Wednesdays so I can go to biblestudy with Kate...she is also becoming a very close friend. It was so nice to have all of my really good friends there to celebrate Avery's arrival to our family (which will be Feb. 5th super Tuesday!!!) We had delicious snacks, fun games, and I got some wonderful gifts. I feel so blessed to have such a great group of friends and loving family to enjoy times like these. Thanks also to my sweet mother-in-law Barbara, my sister-in-law Allison, best friend Jodi, good friends Amy and Jenn who I taught with for a few years, for coming to the shower!

The sweet hostesses with me: Kate, Janette, me, Karen:

Jen, Amy, and me. All three pregnant! We taught 2nd grade together for years...Love them!!

Jodi and me at the shower:

Allison and me at the shower:

All my friends and family who came to Avery's shower: (Back) Allison,Kate, Jodi, Amy, Karen, Jenn, Janette. (couch): Mother-in-law Barbara, Mom, me and Grammie.

Popo reading a book to Kyndall

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Having Fun

I wish that I had taken my camera with me today...I met some of my friends and their children at Chuck-e-Cheese's for lunch. We let the little ones play and Kyndall had such a wonderful time. I bought 10 tokens for her and she spent 7 on the Carousel and 3 riding a play car with Chuck-E. She just loved pointing to Chuck-e's eyes, nose,mouth,ears and saying the different parts. She is growing up so fast, I can't believe the things she could do on her own there. She could climb up on most of the rides herself, and play on the slide and climbing area. When we left she blew kisses to all the people and said, "bye, bye" without being prompted. She is really becoming friendly too...she will talk to people she doesn't know very well as long as Jim and I are talking to them. Her new thing is to introduce us to strangers. If someone talks to her she will immediately point at Jim and say, "Daddy" and then point at me and say,"Mama". It is really cute. Then she will talk for a few seconds and then in the middle of a conversation will say,"bye, bye" to them. I guess she likes short and sweet need to jabber on too long!! Hope you enjoy these pics...I plan to add more soon.
Kyndall lined up all her bears on the stairs to play one day...and Daddy got this great pic of all of them together....
Little bow head...Kyndall brought me all of her bows that were in her basket and handed them to me and said,"peas". So I put them all in her this pic you can only see 3, but she had a whole head full!