Monday, October 7, 2013

In Kyndall news...and a bit of Avery and Emery too

Kyndall got her first progress report of actual grades!  I wasn't expecting real grades until 3rd grade...then this comes home for me to sign.....

Yay Kyndall!!!  She just loves school and loves learning!!!  I credit her love of learning to her amazing teachers that she HAS had and DOES have!!  Miss Carboni in Kindergarten, Mrs. Cummings in 1st and of course, Ms. Ulmer in 2nd!!  I'm posting this so we will always remember her very first grades were all A's!!!

She has joined Girl Scouts with a wonderful group of girls and their troop leaders are the best ever!!!!  Here was the special ceremony where they got their vests and were "baked" into brownies!!

I also want to document our Rainbow loom fad.  Bracelets made out of looping tiny rubberbands!!!  I'm addicted too..what can I say, any kind of craft sucks us Kelly girls in!!!

We took all three girls to McKinney's Oktoberfest!!!  So much fun:)
Life is good and we are savoring every moment with our 3 girls!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Big girl Playdate

Have I mentioned we live in an AMAZING neighborhood?  Lots of kids to play with all the time!!  Our neighbors ROCK!  After school today the kids ran off the bus and into our house...5 including my 2 big kids:). Anyway, so my neighbor has a little girl 5 months younger than Emery.  They are becoming fast friends!  Emery went to her friend Alli's house to play...without me:). First play date...I think she had fun!  Love my little one:)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The wheels on the bus....

  You're singing it aren't you!  You are welcome...that song will be stuck in your head all day now:). 
Kyndall and Avery joined the Cascades Bus Crew this morning!!

Cute group of kiddos right?  Jim walked the girls down and apparently they both did good, but Avery was a little on the nervous side:). Thank goodness she was surrounded by her sister and friends!!  Here are the rest of the photos Jim took:

Here's to another great day of school!!!  Yesterday was awesome and the girls both were up early this morning excited to go back!!!  Makes my heart smile:)


Monday, August 26, 2013

2nd Grade and Kindergarten here we go!!

Here we go!!  It was a fairly smooth morning (Ave did NOT want to wake up that early, and neither did Emery), and we left them at school both smiling!!  Avery had a nervous smile, and Kyndall had a "I'm sitting next to my best friend this is a piece of cake" smile!!  Emery is enjoying my full attention (minus this quick post) and the house is sooooo quiet!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm back! Hiatus ended:)

I've had trouble keeping up with my blog while chasing around my 3 amazing kiddos...took a break, now I'm back...short and sweet posts from now on:)
It's back to school time for Kyndall:
*2nd grade
* Ms. Ulmer
*got in the same class as her bestie Kate Garland and all her neighbors on our street that we love...Georgia and Paige!!

Avery is going to school:
* Mrs. Cross
* in same class as my sorority sister's daughter from Texas Tech (sweet new friends)

Emery is just growing and making us smile:). No school for her...I'm keeping her all to myself...except for bible study 2x a week:). Here are some recent pics of her:
*21 months old
* loves shoes, her sisters, donuts, and has sweet baby friends...she's a riot

Jim is working hard and I am gearing up for  both big girls going to elementary school...I'm ready, I think:)

Oh and if you didn't know, we got a pool...we love it, it made our summer awesome!!!
Did I mention the whole family loves it?  Even Mae dog!!