Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll

This Thanksgiving was alot smaller for us than usual...we got together for the annual Kelly Thanksgiving meal. It is such a nice time together ...and this year was no different. We ate a lot, talked a lot, the girls played with their uncles, Daddy and Grampa a lot, and it just reminds us how thankful we should be that we have such a fun and loving family to spend time with. We hope you enjoy the few pics we took:
Avery saying, "Happy Turkey Day everyone!"

Uncle Paul playing bean bag tic-tac-toe with Kyndall....

Avery has to do EVERYTHING her big sister does...luckily she has a sweet big sister who will play with her and has lots of patience (as much patience as a 2 year old can have:)

Uncle Bill smoked and carved the turkey for us

Avery eating with her new Turkey bib on that I made her

Bill, Paul, Jim & Avery, Kristi & Kyndall

Bill, Paul, Jim & Avery, Bill Sr. & Kyndall

Friday, November 21, 2008

The girls

Before the weather got too chilly, I took Kyndall outside to play with a Dora kite I got her was a very windy day. She wouldn't let me help her these are some funny pics I got of her trying "herself" to get it up....I have to admit she got pretty close...maybe next time she will let me help her get it up in the air:) I also put up a pic of Avery and Kyndall playing in Kyndall's room...I left them in there to go get the camera and when I came back Kyndall had a paci in her mouth (which she is only allowed to have at night) Can you tell how busted she is by the look on her face???

Kyndall was trying so hard to fly her kite : "I do it myself Mommy"

The Kite fell...but Kyndall didn't care:)

Busted! Avery pulling up and Kyndall sneaking a paci when playing with her sister:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

9 month old beauty

Avery is.....20lbs, and 28 inches high! She is so very sweet and loving, very curious (especially in what her sister is doing), a super fast crawler, pulling up and cruising now, taking lids off of toys and putting them back on (over and over and over), playing peek-a-boo with clothes, blankets, lovies, bibs, pillows etc.., getting her top 2 teeth in, picking things up with her first finger and thumb in a pinching position, touching everything with her pointer firnger(like her sister used to do), and laughing all the time! It is so much fun having a sweet baby to watch all day long. She is amazing. She and Kyndall still adore each other (and sometimes get irritated at each other). I am so blessed to have 2 sweet healthy amazing little girls to love on all day long:) Here is a cute pic of Avery wearing a new outfit my friend Jackie sent her...too cute!!