Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mommy, Can I chase Mae with my new car?

Grandpa Kelly gave Kyndall a princess "Power Quad" for Christmas...and Kyndall LOVES it! Last night I told her that she couldn't ride it anymore until tomorrow it was bedtime. So the next morning she woke up and ate breakfast then said, "Mommy, can I get my car and chase Mae?" So of course I said, "Sure Kyndall". She had so much fun (I think Mae did too) and she cracks me up when she zooms around on it! She rides it around the house, and I took her outside today and she had so much fun. It took her a couple of days of practice to figure out how to turn and stop and go when she wants to, but now she is a little pro. Here are a couple of pics of her having some fun...and a video at the end!
Practicing her driving skills inside first....
Kyndall racing her cousin Alex later that day!

Woo Hoo freedom to ride like the wind....we had to chase her 3 houses down!

Kyndall was having so much fun on the open road...I mean open sidewalk!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Lubbock

What a wonderful Christmas we all had this year! Kyndall really understood Santa and was so cute opening presents and setting out cookies and milk for Santa. We got some great presents and had a wonderful time visiting family. We wish we could go there more often, and can't wait to visit again! Avery liked opening presents and playing with hers, Kyndalls and the boxes and wrapping they came in! Here are some pics from our trip to Lubbock and Amarillo!
On the road to Lubbock and Amarillo to Celebrate Christmas with Kristi's side of the family! Kyndall had her cool Dora shades on, and the coloring toy Uncle Bill got her for Christmas!
Christmas Eve at Grammie's in Amarillo was so fun! Kyndall and Avery got lots of great gifts...including this huge polar bear!!

Avery got a little sleepy, but would only sleep on me...no complaints here!!

The girls got a Jack-in-the-box (along with many many other fun toys) from Grammie and Popo...they love it!

Bits, Gram, Uncle Rick, Kristen, Popo, Grammie, Kyndall, Kristi, Avery and Jim

Christmas Eve night...Kyndall was sleeping with the new baby Uncle Jerry, Aunt Gay, Todd and Sophie gave her! It was so cute I had to take a pic:)

Cute pic of the girls before all the presents were opened!

Playing with the new "kitchen" Santa brought!

Kyndall was carrying her present!

Avery helped me open my gift....did I mention she cound drink out of sippy cups now? Don't worry, the starbucks cup was empty...well it had a gift card in it:)

The girls having some fun with Bits and Gram

Giving Bits a hug before heading home

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas with the Kellys 2008

We had a great time at our annual Kelly Christmas get together....lots of food, games and great presents. Kyndall and Avery LOVED their many gifts and Jim and I LOVED ours too!! Enjoy some fun pics from our great time!
Avery with her sweet cousins...Jack and Dani
Grandpa sitting on Santa Kyndall's lap:) She was having so much fun asking everyone what they wanted for Christmas...so cute!

Uncle Paul sitting on Santa Kyndall's lap

Avery was so happy to be with her Daddy!

Kyndall opening one of the presents her cousins gave her..Alex, Kyndall, Jack and Dani (Joe couldn't come til after work and I didn't get a pic of him...sorry Joe...love ya!)

Uncle Bill, Uncle Marc, and Grandpa....and sweet Dani:)

Uncle Paul and Aunt Sue drinkin' a little wine

Avery and Uncle Paul....she is holding the new bunny he gave her for Christmas!

Avery enjoying playing on her new "ride"...Dani pushed her all over the room ...she loves it...and all her other new toys!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cute Christmas pants

Ha! My friend Jennifer made these cute pants for Avery to go with her Christmas onsie...I think they are great...and she did them in less than 2 days!! I don't do pants yet..so I buy cute unique ones from her....Avery loves them!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cookies with Daddy

Jim decided to make Christmas cookies with Kyndall this year. I thought it would be a huge messy disaster...but it was a minor mess and a huge amount of fun for them both! Jim is so patient and good at letting Kyndall do a lot of the fun work...so they had a blast....here are some pics:
The happy Christmas cookie makers:
Kyndall decorating under Jim's watchful eye

The finished cookies...pretty good huh?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun with Friends

Zoey and Blayse came over to play with the girls for a few hours the other day...Kyndall and Avery had so much fun. It was really interesting to hear the girls play and talk to each other:
Kyndall: Look at my Christmas tree
Zoey: oh...yea
Kyndall: And those my presents
Zoey: uh huh
Kyndall: but I no open till after christmas time
Then later....
Zoey (holding a snoopy bobble head): This is my lollipop Kyndall
Kyndall: no it a noopy toy
Zoey: nope see its my lollipop (as she pretends to suck on it)
Kyndall: It no lollipop zoey...it noopy toy
Zoey: no, its my lollipop(followed by a mischievous smile)
Zoey is a little more into the pretending stage(naming her dolls and pretending toys are lollipops) and Kyndall was very literal with her...and it drove her crazy when Zoey would make these announcements that toys were other things. The really funny part about that is that when Kyndall is playing with me she will pretend some toys are other things(like a book is pizza). I guess she just wants to be the one designating what you can pretend certain toys to be:) I was really impressed at how well they played together and shared things....I guess my sweet little toddler is now becoming a full-fledged kiddo.
Kyndall and Zoey!
Avery playing with Blayse

Just a pic of the girls being sweet sisters...notice the barrier of coffee table and end table blocking Avery from trying to go up the stairs and all over the house.

Just some cute Christmas pics

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Santa.....

I would like a play kitchen for Christmas please!
The girls had a very successful visit to Santa this year...we caught a pic of Avery in between cries and Kyndall was happy but a little nervous....she told him what she wanted though...hopefully she will be very good and get it!! Please excuse Santa, he must have had a very long day...he looks like he is snoozing a little:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yes...that is Avery halfway up our stairs....and yes she did climb ALL the way to the top(don't worry everyone, I was right there with her) And yes, she screams when you try to get her NOT to go up the stairs....oh boy....

Two Front Teeth

Avery is getting her top 2 front teeth!! So cute!