Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fire Station #1

Our MOPS group (Mother's of Preschoolers) went to Fire Station #1 in McKinney for a little tour...pretty fun! Check out some of the pics!!
A few of the Fire Fighters came down the poles for us before the tour....it was pretty cool

All the kids from our MOPS group that were brave enough to get their pic taken with the Fireman....notice Avery wouldn't let me put her down!! She was on my hip the whole time til the end!!

The FireFighter dressed up in front of the kiddos so they could see that even though they LOOK scary the firefighters are nice and can help them if they are in trouble. I was glad they did that...they really tried to help the kids understand that if they see a Fire Fighter NOT to run away and be scared.
Kyndall and her good friend Anika Climbing on the back of the Fire Truck....These girls are sweet, sweet friends!!
The girls wearing their new fire helmets!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kyndall's got her Grandpa's genes!!

Most of you know that Bill Kelly (Kyndall's Grandpa) is one of the best carpenters in the USA!! He has made us a tile kitchen table, custom entertainment center, chess table, trash can (wooden and super classy looking), shelves for my craft shows, a gliding bench for outside, a changing table for the girls, and helped Jim build our playset outside etc....(meaning there are many more things I could list!!) Jim is also a great craftsman building a rocking chair (with his dad), Kyndall and Avery's crib, the playset, etc.... So knowing that you will see why I wanted to take Kyndall to Lowe's with her friend Kate (and my good friend Jenny) for some tinkering (we told Kyndall she would be tinkering like Tinker Bell-gotta see the movie-). So Kate and Kyndall did Awesome!! First of all, it was completely free. The girls got a little kit to make a wooden garage with a wooden car to go in it. They got a loaner hammer and their very own carpenter apron with a patch to sew on everytime they make something new there!!! Kyndall just loved hammering the nails in and putting the garage together...and she especially loved doing it with her friend Kate. I was amazed at how much patience and determination these girls had to finish their projects. They helped find the short or long nails, read the directions, counted, and hammered all the nails in themselves!! They were pretty excited with their finished projects too!! Thanks Lowe's for the fun Saturday morning activity!!!
Kyndall and Kate: The absolute CUTEST Lowe's builders in the whole world!!!
All the girls doing our carpentry!! Notice the aprons Lowes provides for the kiddos for free!! Jenny and I decided to "jazz them up" a bit for next time....ruffles and bows??
The finished garage!!
This last pic just shows you that she has a little of her Mommy's "Jazz it up" (her words) ideas in her for her garage....and she is definitely a girly-girl...the garage promptly became the Barbie's bed as soon as she got home!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Kelly girls' Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween has been a complete blast! I decided to go all Martha Stewart and make the girls' costumes this year and we went for a theme. I made a chef hat and apron for Kyndall so she could be a Chef (who carried around a mixing bowl to collect her candy). I made Avery a cupcake costume by making a shimmery pink top and matching hat that had "sprinkles" all over them. Kyndall told someone, "I am dee maker and Avery is my muffin dat I maked". I thought it was so cute how she was explaining the whole scenerio!! My friend Jenny and I took her 2 girls and mine to the "Scare on the Square" at the McKinney Square. It was really cool...they closed off the square from traffic and the kids went store-to-store trick or treating. We only let ours get a handful of candy and we just enjoyed the crowd and letting the girls practice for the real deal.
On Halloween, Jim took the girls around the neighborhood in their little wagon and they had a blast!! Jim is a trooper and made it pretty far around the neighborhood (I am a little bummed that I didn't get one single picture of him and the girls out and about!!). Kyndall is the BEST big sister ever. She would go up to the door, make sure Avery got some candy too and then help Avery go back to the wagon and on to the next house. It is so neat to see her love and help Avery out. And you can tell that it makes a big impact on Avery, because she just loves Kyndall right back!! Enjoy the pics that I did happen to catch of our Halloween this year!!
From left to right: Sara Paige (precious pink poodle), Kate (beautiful bumblebee), Kyndall (Sassy Chef), and Avery (Cute little cupcake)
This is just one angle of the massive crowd at the Square!

Kyndall trick-or-treating with her Chef mixing bowl!

Kyndall's hat...