Monday, June 30, 2008

New Dresses

I finally made the girls' pillowcase dresses. It took 1 pattern I purchased, 2 websites that had patterns and directions, and a few calls to my friend Kate to get the dresses made...but here they are: (and a special thanks to Jim for entertaining Kyndall all evening so I could make them!)
Avery's new pillowcase dress:
Kyndall's new pillowcase dress:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a day!

This morning, Jim got up with the girls, and when I got up this is what I saw: Isn't he the best dad!! Thanks for letting me sleep in!!!
Bunco was at the Kelly household this month. It is so much fun! There is a great group of girls that meet up once a month or so and we laugh, eat, and play bunco....for a little money:) Here are some pics from ladies' night bunco!! Of course later on Kyndall had to come down and see everyone. She is becoming such a ham lately. She came downstairs, said hi to everyone, then said, "watch me" as she jumped off the lowest step of the stairs. Then she told them how she was jumping high. Then she told them all that Avery jumps high (in her jumparoo). Then we all took a fun group picture and included Kyndall and Avery.

Christi, Cayla, Gissa

Audry and Karen

Allison and Kristi

The roll-off for the biggest loser...Christi vs Allison

The Forth Worth girls take all the winnings!

The bunco group (with Kyndall and Avery)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sassy dress and polished toenails

Kyndall saw me painting my toenails today and of course wanted in on the action! So I strapped her in her highchair and painted them. Then I made her watch an episode of Elmo's world in her highchair so they could dry. She kept saying, "no touch toenails, Mommy" and I would say right! Then all day she has been pointing to her painted toenails and saying, "What dat Mommy, what dat?" It is her new thing, everything around us she points to it and says, "what dat Mommy what dat?" Very cute but a little too much all day long!!! She is also showing off her new dress she got for her cute:)
Kyndall struttin' around in her sassy new birthday dress from Uncle Bill and Aunt Allison
Look at those cute toenails that match her sassy new dress

Mommy and Kyndall's matching toes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Princess

These are a few pics from Kyndall's b-day party. Most were taken by my good friend Melissa who is a photographer. I will post those when I get them from her. I let her do most of the pics that day, so that is why you can only see a few here.

Kyndall and Grammie

Baby sister Avery in her matching party dress.

Trying out the new slip-n-slide her Uncle Bill and Aunt Al gave her!

Slip-n-sliding with her best friend Emily.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kyndall is two!

How do I even start to express what I feel today. My sweet little Kyndall, who gave me the best gift I could have, becoming a Mommy, is 2! Wow, they say time flies, but it has never flown faster than when I had Kyndall. Jim and I are so extremely blessed to have her in our lives. God blessed us with a very healthy, active, sweet, huggable, kissable, funny, smart, energetic, loyal, amusing, caring, helpful, tender-hearted, slightly bossy, beautiful, amazing little girl. She amazes us each day with her knowledge of new words, understanding of what is going on around her, interesting questions she asks us, and the way she completely loves and takes care of her sister. We love our little two year old so much and can't wait to see how she grows and matures even more.
Today we took her to the zoo for her official birthday. She told us she wanted to see a puma (we saw a mountain lion and didn't correct her when she called it a puma because there weren't any pumas there), a baby jaguar (again, no baby jaguars, but a bobcat looks an awful lot like a baby jaguar, and again we didn't correct her:), and she wanted to ride a choo choo train. We did accomplish her wish list (to some degree) and got to see a lot more interesting animals and things along the way. It was a great day, Kyndall was a sweet girl (only one small breakdown, when she thought we weren't going to ride the train, because it was so full we had to wait for it to run and come back) and Avery was of course a doll. We had so much fun on our first real family outing and can't wait to go on more together. Thanks Daddy for taking the day off to spend with your oldest really made her day!
Kyndall's real BIRTH day
My 1 year old

My 2 year old!

Here we go to the zoo!

Posing with the Elephant

What a trooper...all smiles even in the heat and long day at the zoo!

Looking at the Scarlet Macaw with Mommy! Kyndall was so excited because an episode of Diego is about this bird, and she got to see it!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round with Daddy

Kyndall begged all day to see the they are looking at it, don't tell Kyndall it was really a Mountain lion!

Kyndall measuring her bat wingspan after seeing other kids do it!

Finally: The Train Ride!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bipers, pack-packs....otay

Kyndall is so funny these days! She is expanding her vocabulary quite a bit...but it takes being around her for a couple of hours before you can really understand what she is saying! I don't have a pic of it...but she found a bug on the floor and came running up to me saying, "Biper mommy biper!!" which means spider, which was actually a june bug! She has worn her "Pack-pack" around all day just like Diego and Dora, and everytime you answer her or tell her something, she likes to respond with a big "O-TAY" It is so funny! We went to the Dr. today and Kyndall is doing great! 28lbs, and 35 3/4 inches long. He said that her speech and vocabulary were above her developmental level which for a 2 year old is 25-50 words and saying them in 2 word phrases. She can almost say complete sentences...very exciting.. What was funny about him saying that was that I had to translate practically everything she said to him:) the next challenge.....POTTY TRAINING!!! She has shown some interest, but when she asked to go on the potty, she got up and peed on the floor in her needless to say, that is where the potty is now, I guess she likes her own private space to potty! I will post more tomorrow as it is her 2nd birthday (sniff, sniff) she is such a big girl now!!!
Me: Kyndall can you put your shoes on please?
Kyndall: Otay Mommy!
She is growing up so she is putting on her own shoes!!
Kyndall carrying her "pack-pack" This is also a good pic of her new haircut!!

Avery's new shoes I made her...I am a sewing fanatic right up matching pillowcase dresses for the girls:)

Cute pic of Avery

Monday, June 9, 2008

So Happy....

Kyndall and Avery are...
So Happy to be watching cartoons with Gramps!Avery is
So Happy to be with Gram!

So Happy to be wearing a cute outfit from Debi!

Kyndall is .....

So Happy to be sitting with her sister!

So happy to be swinging on her new swingset with her Daddy!

So Happy to be wearing a cute new outfit from Debi!

Avery is....

So Happy to be 4 months old!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sequence of a funny event

The girls were in the living roon, Kyndall was just about to go to bed, and Jim captured this little interaction between them. I thought it was so cute. Avery has started watching Kyndall a lot. It is fun to see her watching Kyndall and to see Kyndall being really sweet to Avery.

Girls, girls, girls

Sucking her thumb and fast asleep on her jumparoo!
Lots of progress on the Playset!!

Having a little breakdown while working...sweet Daddy moment

Working on the playset with Grampa and Daddy