Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oops! Oct. Nov. Dec. in review....

We have been doing a lot lately....Let's start with OCTOBER:

Emery Turned 1!!

Grammy Garth came to visit and met Emery for the first time...we had so much fun with Grammy and Grammie!!!

Halloween came and I took the girls to Scare on the Square...Avery was a cowgirl dancer, Kyndall was a gold medal gymnast and Emery was a ladybug (that was Kyndall's first halloween costume)

Uncle Paul (Jim's Brother) got married to Lauren and the girls were flower girls in the wedding!  We are so excited to have her in our family!!
Avery had a sweet Thanksgiving program I got to go to!
We have been saving/planning on moving the summer before Kyndall goes into 2nd grade/Avery goes to Kindergarten.  Well, we found this house and decided it was perfect for our family, so we bought it and moved in about 6 months sooner than planned.  We are only 6 minutes away from the old house and neighborhood but we are settling in and enjoying a little more space!

This is the house we moved from....Jim and I bought it the first year we got married 8 years ago.  Three kids, 8 years, and a dog later has enticed us to move.  We'll miss our old place, but we love being in the new one!  The sad part is, we were so busy moving and doing Christmas activities I never got Christmas cards done:(  First year since Kyndall was born!  Oh well, I will try next year!
Avery had her first recital!  So she is with Ava (left) and Lily.  They pretty much stood up there and smiled, but they were SUUUUUPER cute!
Santa was at the is the only Kelly girl who likes him:

He had to photo bomb Avery...and Em just wasn't having any of it....I think she was hungry and tired!  BTW:  you need to know that Avery had no idea Santa came in the picture until we showed this to her later!!!

Christmas Eve, Snowflake, our Elf on the Shelf left the girls matching PJ's and a new movie to watch in our new movie room.  They loved it.  I know Santa and Elves are somewhat debate-able about whether you are "lying" to your children about actual Christmas happenings.  But the excitement in their eyes as they find the Elf each morning and come down and see what "santa" brought them is worth it...I dread the day that innocence is gone.  Even though they enjoy Santa things if you ask them what Christmas is they will tell you it is Jesus' Birthday.  As long as they know that, the extra magic is still fun to do:)

And....the finale:
in McKinney Texas!!!!
You better believe that in our stuffed up noses and completely hoarse voices, the big girls and I had a MAJOR snowball fight.  I loved it because they were such good sports and did a great job on making their own snowballs.  I pegged them pretty hard a couple of times and they just laughed and got me right back!! 
Now we are ready for the new year....and hopefully I'll be better about updating the blog more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kyndall's Fun Run

Last Friday, Kyndall had her annual Boosterthon Fun Run/ Walkathon.  It is super cute.  Parents pledge $ per lap and kids run laps for an hour and earn money for Mooneyham and their own classroom.  Kyndall LOVES it and we LOVE cheering her on.  Even her sweet Daddy took an hour off of work to come and watch....we love him.  Kyndall ran 29 laps!  Wow, what a champ...she barely walked...that girl is way more athletic than I could ever hope to be:)  She must get it from her Daddy....
On our way....
Avery and I were watching and cheering... 
Kyndall was waiting to run... 
Here she goes folks!!! 
Daddy and Emery cheering K on! 
She was proud!! 
Avery loves her big sis...she made her stop during the run and hug her...of course she did
We are so proud of our sweet 1st grader and how enthusiastically she does everything!!!  Go Kyndall:)

Friday, October 5, 2012

11 months and 9 days old....

One year ago today, I was VERY pregnant and VERY ready to have my little Emery Jane....and now here she is almost a year old....I can't believe it!  She is so much fun, and so sweet, and I wanted to update everyone on what fun things she is doing at 11 months!
She can ...pull up, stand on her own, cruise, clap
She can get her own snacks out of the container and feed herself (and share with little friends!)
This is Lincoln, isn't he presh!
She has gone to her sweet friend Rayne's first birthday party and had her first solo photo booth pic!
Other fun things:
* says, "Hi Dada" and waves
* says, "ba ba" and waves (when you say bye bye to her)
*She points to her nose when your ask her where her nose is (soooo super cute)
*Waves when you say hi
* she has stood up while not holding on to anything 1 time
*She has started waking up at 4:00 AM ...e.v.e.r.y morning for some reason...ugh

I took her to Kim Peichel Photography for her 1 year pics...a little here for a video preview of the session....I LOVE Kim she has captured our family pics since Kyndall was born and never disappoints.  She always has a great new idea or set up that wows me everytime!!

I can't believe we are less than a month away from her 1st birthday!!!  Our lives have definitely been blessed with her addition to our family...

Friday, September 21, 2012

A is for Avery

Wow, Time has flown by!  Guess who else started school already?  In fact, she has gone 2 weeks!

She LOVES preschool, but has NO ONE from her class last year so has been learning to make all new friends.  She is a pretty social little girl, so far she talks about Colton and Audrey.

It was really fun to start her day off with a family breakfast like Kyndall had.  I must admit that I had forgotten to set it up the night before and was scrambling that morning to get her special table decorations ready for when she came downstairs (she likes surprises like that!)
One day this past week (her 2nd week of school) it even rained!  Oh boy was Avery excited...she grabbed her rain boots and splashed and splashed outside of school!!
She is such a happy free spirited little one....the world must be made of sparkles and rainbows...because fun defines Avery in every situation....

She cracks us all up....but her most favorite member of the family to make smile/laugh is her baby sister...and Emery sure does love her some Avery!!!

So now, 3 days a week it is just Emery and me...she naps, I clean and we drive all over picking up our big girls!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A-Very exciting Day!!

Get it?  A-very...Avery....not as funny when I have to explain...but it was a super fun exciting day yesterday!  It started out a little rough....Kyndall was feeling pretty yucky so she stayed home from school and rested all day.  Then as she was feeling better, it came time for Avery's Meet the Teacher night!!
We were all smiles on the way there!!
Kyndall was great about helping me with Emery and Avery just couldn't wait to meet her new teachers!!

Avery checked her new classroom out and it was all monkeys!!  You might remember her 4th birthday was monkey she is super excited!!!

...and...her teachers are SUPER sweet!  I am so happy for her...she will have another great year at KidCare!!!

After we bought some new books at the bookstore and checked out the Chapel room again, we had to run an errand.  Grammie bought Kyndall some Sperry's for school and they had a hole in them.  So since we were in the neighborhood, we took them back.  I was so happy, Stride Rite switched them out no questions and were super accomodating!
We rode some rides....
And Kyndall helped me stroll Emery....

As we were walking from the food court dinner we had back to the car, we walked past Claire's.  We noticed the ear piercing stand and Kyndall decided she wanted to get her ears pierced!  So we went in and checked it out...
She picked out her birthstone earrings and was super excited!!  Then the first ear got pierced....I captured the exact moment it happened...K wasn't happy at ALL!

But she was getting her to do the 2nd one was a little harder...I had to hold her and we had to trick her to do it (we told her we were just lining the earring up and would let her say when...but she clicked it in before Kyndall could worry and change her mind).   I felt so bad, but she had insisted on getting her ears done that day and not waiting until 2 people could do it at the same time...

She looked pitiful after it was over....

But it didn't take long before she was all smiles and sooooooo proud of herself!  What a big girl...I am not sure if I could have sat there for the 2nd one at 6 years old...I may have come home with just one earring!! 

What a busy couple of weeks we have been having....

Now I have to get Avery ready for her 1st ballet class in a year!  Pictures to follow!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fairy Dust....

Fairy Dust....that is what our Tooth Fairy leaves on the money she gives for losing a tooth! One sparkly dollar bill and a tulle bag filled with 6 sparkly quarters.....

But let's back up a little bit.....I need to start back at the end of last school year....summer was coming and ALL I mean ALL of K's little friends (even ones a year or two younger than her) were losing their teeth...she was so bummed.  She thought she was THE ONLY ONE in her class and group of friends that hadn't lost a tooth.  So I took her and Avery to the Dentist the beginning of August for their 6 month cleaning and (wink, wink) the hygenist and I told Kyndall her bottom tooth felt a little loose....

Fast Forward a couple of weeks and it is the third day of school.  Kyndall comes home Wednesday afternoon and says her tooth feels a little more wiggly and it hurts to chew.  So I felt it (after washing my hands) and sure enough it was wiggly.  I thought it had a couple of days, but wanted Kyndall to have a cool toothfairy pillow to put her tooth in when she lost it.  So she picked out leopard print fabric and we got her ready for bed.  6:00 am the next morning she comes in our room with a huge smile on her face and her wiggly tooth (not so wiggly anymore) in her hand!!  She was SOOOOO excited!!!
Oh my goodness is this girl cute with a missing tooth!!!  I know it was probably a bit annoying to her new teacher, but I let her bring her tooth to school so she could show Mrs. Cummings and her class.....sorry Mrs. Cummings!!!  Anyway,  I love to sew, and can hardly find the time with all three munchkins, but I managed to make her a toothfairy pillow before school was over....I took a picture with a dollar bill in it just so you could see the tooth pocket...I gave it to Kyndall with no money in it (you know, that is the TF's job).

The back of it is leopard print too.....She was soooo excited to get it, she even wanted to go to bed early so the TF would come!  I found the cutest Tooth Fairy Certificate online and printed it off, grabbed some glue stick and glitter for the dollar bill, and made a small bag out of tulle and ribbon for the coins.
  Right before bed I snuck in her room and she had left this note for the toothfairy in her TF pillow:
Dear Tooth Fairy, can I (keep) my tooth?

How cute huh!  So I left the tooth, ewww, I know, but what can you do...she even remembered the question mark!!  So we have experienced our first toothfairy visit,  and now we have the cutest certificate where we can keep track of when she looses each tooth....

Today, I need to work on a teething necklace for Little Em because she just happens to be getting a tooth, ironic right??!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Grader: Kyndall Kelly

I love my sweet big girl first grader...and just wanted her day to start out I decorated our dining table with a centerpiece and special plates for a special family breakfast:
 Her special request was waffles, and we all ate breakfast together and prayed for Kyndall to have an amazing day!
We put together a 1st day of First grade survival kit full of her teacher's favorite things, and a couple things Kyndall made (key chain and card)...and we packed our sweet 6 year old up to go:
We did the famous picture at the front door....

 Then, she and I headed off for school!  Jim stayed home with the 2 little ones so I could walk her into class and take a pic at her desk....
 Look at her take off!!! VERY opposite of last year where she was slow, steady and kind of sad...
This year, ALL SMILES!!!

I love this girl so much...Avery and I felt like it was a SUPER looooonnnngggg very slow day until she came home!!  She said that she had a great day and can't wait until tomorrow!!  Yay!!!