Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010


They were Princess Fairies!!

(notice Kyndall wearing her favorite cowgirl boots)

I think this is my favorite picture of the season so far...what sweet looks I captured them giving each other!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! The Kellys sure did:)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scare on the Square

We always love a good visit from Bits and Gram AKA my parents! Jim and I had a meeting this year during Scare on the Square, which is a Halloween activity that they have every year on the Historic McKinney Square. Kids dress up and go from shop to shop and Trick or Treat. My parents took the girls this year since we couldn't!! They all had a blast:)

Kyndall decided to be a cowgirl for this event ( notice this is the 2nd costume she has worn this year....wonder what she'll want to be on the actual day of Halloween:) Grammie got her the cutest pearl snap shirt and cowgirl skirt with REAL cowgirl boots and we added a cute little dress up cowgirl hat!!! Oh, and her trusty horse was a party favor from my friend Mariah's twins 2nd birthday party!!

Avery has had this Pooh costume for a while and just decided on a whim this would be her costume for this event!!

This shot cracked me up!

Taking a break to check out her loot curbside....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dallas Zoo

I love having fun friends. And I love that my fun friends have sweet kids that my kids adore :) So my fun friend Jenny and I took our troops to the Dallas Zoo. We picked a GREAT day to go. The weather was a little cooler and it was overcast so we had a blast checking out all the animals and attractions. I would 100% recommend this zoo and we will definitely be back!!!

The start of our day:

Kyndall and her friend Kate

The zoo train

How fun are little girls who actually think they can move big boulders like this?

Petting Zoo

The girls had their maps and were showing us the way to go!

They even had pony rides...this was Kyndall on Lil' Joe. She got to ride 2x because Avery yelled "Noooooooooo" when it was her turn.
Pretty fun time with some sweet friends....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

I love the pumpkin patch in Celina, Texas. It is too cute! We try to go every year. This year, we went with my good friend Laura-Marie and her son, Jameson. Avery and Jameson really enjoy playing together so it was a pretty fun little field trip!
(Check out the outfits...I made some skull and heart twirly skirts for the girls, then used freezer paper to stencil another skull for the shirt. The girls painted the skulls on their shirts themselves!! Totally easy and fun activity...for the how-to, check out my friend Jenny Garland's Video Tutorial HERE!!)
First, we got some cups of animal feed and fed all the goats, sheep and cows....Avery LOVED that part
But Kyndall didn't think much of it. She was a little spooked at first, but eventually would feed/pet the "babies".

Then came the hay ride!! What fun:)
Avery, Kyndall and Jameson
Avery had to get a better look at the farm/pumpkin patch:

Finally, we got to go to the patch and pick out their very own pumpkins. Kyndall wasn't too impressed with the first couple of activities, she wanted to pick her pumpkin out the whole time. She ran all over the patch looking for the perfect one!!

Avery and Jameson walked up to the first row and grabbed the first one they got their little hands on!!

Avery was posing with her pumpkin:

Finally got Kyndall to sit with her pumpkin too....

Look at Kyndall's scary pumpkin:
Both little monster pumpkins!
We had such a fun time.....until next year:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress Up Day at Preschool

Can you tell how happy Kyndall was to get to wear her costume to Preschool today??? She just HAD TO HAVE a purple tutu from Walmart with matching fairy wings for her Halloween costume (this was back in Sept) so I bought them. Last night, before bed, I started getting them out for her to wear to school and she said, "No Mommy, I want to be Minnie Mouse". Sue, my sister in law had given this little outfit to Kyndall when she was Avery's age (2 1/2) and she still adores it. She twirled around and danced and couldn't be happier in this costume....(it almost made me want to wear one too). Of course Avery had to put her fancy tutu on as well! She was a Pirate Princess as she helped me drop Kyndall off this morning. So I had to get a pic of them both:)

Hope your day was as fancy as ours!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh No!! Awwww!! How Sweet!!

Oh No!
Avery got a hold of the scissors one night and decided to whack her hair off....She is paying tribute to Pat Benatar and Joan Jet with this asymmetrical hair do. Don't worry, the scissors are all stored on top of the refrigerator now!!

It is official! Avery's crib has been taken down and she is officially sleeping in her big girl (toddler) bed! Yay Avery, you are becoming such a sweet big girl!! This is a pic of Kyndall and Avery helping Jim tear down the crib!!
How Sweet!
By accident, I found out Kyndall has learned the sweetest little prayer song at preschool. I am so happy I chose Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church's preschool program for her.

Life is definitely full of interesting happenings these days at the Kelly household....and we are loving every minute of them!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrating Fall in the Mountains

Wow, if you want to dive into fall and show your kids what it looks like, go to the mountains. AMAZING!!!! The leaves change before your eyes, crisp air all around you, and at night you see stars in the sky like nowhere else in the world! We went to Angel Fire, New Mexico with my parents and grandparents. We stay in a big cabin and just have fun relaxing, shopping in Taos and Angel Fire, golfing, playing, and eating at some yummy places like Michael's in Taos and The Roasted Clove (date night) in Angel Fire. We took a TON of pics and just had a great time. Golfing with Dad, Jiml, and a local guy named Jim:

Lots of driving!!!

Park fun with Kyndall and Grammie

I love my girls

Daddy and Avery
Just swinging on the porch



In Taos:

Twirls play area in Taos

Fun at Twirls with Daddy

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bear in Taos
4 Generations: Me, Grammie, Mom and the girls

The whole group!

What an amazing time we had!! Thanks Mom and Dad for doing this each year and letting us come along:)