Friday, October 21, 2011

Boosterthon Fun Run

Well, we have survived our first ever Elementary School Fundraiser.  It was a "Fun Run" (now to me, those 2 words don't go very well together, but whatev)  Kyndall had to raise pledges by asking people to donate money for each lap she ran.  Grammie and Popo, Bits and Gram, and Jim and I all donated $1 per lap.  The super fun part of that was she got 3 prizes for having 3 pledges....and they made a huge deal in class about it and that made her feel super special.  The money goes towards putting a shade over the playground, which totally makes me happy.  In this Texas Heat, they need some shade.  Jim totally thought she would make it like 5 laps and poop out....not so!!  We all owe 28 dollars.  That's right girl is a runner.  She was PRECIOUS.  I was so glad I went, too.  She kept running over to me and giving me hugs and high fives.  It was completely worth it to drag my 9 month preggo booty up to the school and cheer her on.  I even did the last lap with her (walked).  Luckily, my mom came too, so Avery was distracted a little and I got to capture a few good photos:
Action shot:

Look at that beautiful smile!!!

I am so proud of her.  She seems to put her all in everything she does.  She only walked like 2 laps....the rest she ran.  That is how it seems school is going as well.  She may not do things perfectly, but she tries her hardest. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

HHS is the Best!! Let's Go....Coyotes

On Monday,October 10th, we had Kyndall's first ever Parent/Teacher Conference.  I won't lie, it is a little weird being the "mom" in the conference instead of the teacher.  A lot more fun, though to hear how your child is doing socially and academically.  Kyndall doesn't quite know all her letter sounds yet, but she does great quality work, listens really well, has met some fun new friends, and is GREAT at patterns and numbers.  On that day, they didn't have any school, so I signed her up for "Coyote Pup Cheer Clinic" with the Heritage Highschool Cheerleaders.  The best part was Kate, her little bestie signed up too!  So later that week, at the JV football game the girls got to wear their cheer shirts and do some pre-game cheers and halftime are some pics we got:
The little sister besties came along to root for their big sisters: 
Their attention span was pretty short: 
I don't know if you can see Kyndall, but she is on the front row smack in the middle:

They had a blast!  Thanks Heritage HS for putting this together...the girls LOVED it!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Playing Catch up over here....

Well, Avery started Preschool on September 8th this year.  She is going on Tues/Thurs and LOVES it.  Her first day of school was quite different than Kyndall's....she could barely hold out at the door here for me to snap a couple of quick pics:

Here she found her name to "check" in the first morning:

And she was a happy girl after school as well....
It has been a fun and interesting experience sending her off.  She LOVES it a lot.  The first day, she came home and told me her teacher said "angry words" to her.  I asked her what she said and Avery replied "get in your chair".  I guess Avery was roaming around checking things out.  Then the next day, her teacher pulled me aside and said that Avery had the sweetest little  heart and had given her chair up for a little boy who was throwing a fit because he didn't like where he was!!  The last interesting thing I heard about was that she to put "into trouble" for throwing wood chips at  the playground.  I love this girl...she keeps it interesting around here:)  My favorite thing about preschool at CCBC is her coming home and singing praise songs she learns there....

Next, my sweet friends Jenny and Janette threw an amazing shower for me on Sunday September 11, 2012.  Lots of friends came, AMAZING food and decorations were there, and they threw it in a nail salon so I got a great pedicure....perfect way to celebrate Emery Jane coming on Oct. 26th!!  Enjoy the slide show:

Jim had a big Day on September 17th....he turned the big "35"  The girls picked out an icecream cake from DQ (which was super delish by the way) and we spent the day celebrating what a super great Dad, husband, and all around great guy he is....we love you Jimmy!!  Oh, and here are a couple of pics of him with 2 of his favorite girls:)

And now I think you are caught up....18 days until Emery Jane comes!!!