Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Avery Meets her Preschool Teacher!!!

I can NOT believe it, but Avery is officially going to Preschool tomorrow!!!  She was super excited and couldn't wait to get dressed...I let her pick out her shoes, how cute huh!!!
Kyndall was pretty proud of her and kept telling her how "proud of you I am Avery".  I think she thought it was pretty fun to show Avery around since she went there last year:) 
This is her teacher Mrs. Peggi

and her other teacher Mrs. Cheryl 
She ran straight over to her little bag and pulled out her official KidCare t-shirt right away!

Looked at all her papers....

and gave me a HUGE smile!!  I think she is excited about preschool:)

We went to the Villages of Allen and let the girls play a little the big maze...
Then in the cute little play houses set up like a mini town...too fun!
Finally, we met Bits for dinner at Cheddars before going home!! 
I think that was the highlight of the day for them!!  I can't wait to post about her first day of Preschool and let you know how much fun she had!!!