Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gotta Love a Great Deal!

Jim and I decided to run to Garden Ridge today to get a few things we needed for the house and (fortunately) drove to the one in Plano, Texas which is located in a little Antique Strip Mall. We ho-hummed around Garden Ridge to leave empty handed, but decided to check out the other stores there. We came across 75% OFF BOOKS. I know what you are thinking...junk, nothing worth getting and not really 75% off...that is what I thought too!! Oh but we were so wrong. This is a teacher/parent oasis! They had rows and rows of organized books, popular books that I have purchased at full price from various big name bookstores. In fact, last week I spent $6.95 on 2 books form Target that were here for $1.73. Then, they had a clearance section and we got a coloring book for 25 cents!! I recommend coming here and bringing your kids and letting them pick out like 5 or so new books to read (you won't break the bank and they will be thrilled!). It was totally clean, well organized and the people were super friendly. I can't wait to go back for more!!!
Hello....Gorgeous!!! My new favorite bookstore by far:
Oh yes, you are reading this correctly, $1.73. This book can also be found at Target for 6.95...really, I saw it there last week!! What, what!!

One day she'll learn to read the book right side up!! But who cares how she reads it, it made for a fun and quiet ride home!! (By the way, that book was $3.50 and came with a bird feeder that we can go put in our tree once I get some bird seed!!)

Kyndall was so excited to put her Barbie stickers on her new book (that cost $1.73

What could be better than reading with Daddy? And he had PLENTY books to read after our trip there!!

Here is my little model posing with all of our loot! 11 books for $23.00!!

By the is our progress on floors! We have gotten a little more finished since this photo...but still have the dining room to finish which is located to the right of this picture!!


Jody and Adam said...

That book store IS great!! I went there after I graduated college and bought tons of books for my classroom!! You can't beat those prices!!! Glad the girls got lots of great can never have too many:)

Melinda said...

Thanks for the info- even 1/2 price books seems ridic high these days!!! Cant wait to check it out! See ya Thursday.