Friday, March 26, 2010

Ice Cream Man

Okay, so Kyndall, Avery and I were minding our own business just hanging around the house when I heard that wonderful song. You know the little tune, it is probably flooding back in your brain as you are reading this. THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!! I ran to the door, (the girls were a little confused) opened it, and made sure he was close, and sure enough he was 2 doors down. I yelled, "Kyndall, Avery, if you hurry we can get some ice cream". It took them about 2.5 seconds to meet me at the door. I grabbed my money and we walked over to the truck. I was suprised at how quickly they both decided on (the most expensive) Dora. It was just 2 bucks each so we didn't break the bank or anything. It was too cute...and I am sure they will be the ones to hear him next time!! What a fun way to get us ready for the nicer weather!!
The ice cream of choice:
A little creepy looking, but delicious!! Kyndall let me try hers:)

Two little cuties enjoying their treats!!

Messy Avery trying to clean off a little:)

Messy little Kyndall

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