Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday = Family Movie Day

We decided after our super fun Thanksgiving that we would take our girls to the early bird showing of:


on Black Friday.

We got a HUGE bucket of Popcorn, a HUGE drink to share, and sat back to watch the show:

Avery ate WAY too much popcorn and got a belly ache....but still had a great time and sat through the movie really well

Kyndall was absolutely fascinated....she watched the whole movie like this:

(except for the couple of times when it got exciting and she stood up)

As the picture below shows, it was so FUNNY. We loved it...even Jim. It was quick-witted, innocent, heartfelt, and one of Disney's better Princess movies.

I LOVE Disney movies, but sometimes they can be a bit scary; wicked queens, voodoo in Princess and the Frog, and witches etc....

This movie was a total feel good movie. It kept your attention the entire movie, showed love, sacrificing your own wants and needs for someone else, and it portrayed innocence and hope. I would 100% recommend it! I even think the boys would like it...it has an ornory horse, a funny and mischievous unlikely hero, and there is a mean old lady, but she isn't too scary:)

After the show, Kyndall kept asking me why some old ladies are mean!! I told her it was just that one;)

Go see it!! You won't regret it!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Big Fat Kelly Thanksgiving

I am thankful for many things in my life, Jesus, my sweet husband, my 2 adorable girls, my parents, my friends....and of course the Kelly family! We have Thanksgiving every year with Jim's family. It is SO MUCH FUN! It is loud, funny, wild, delicious, and just plain awesome!!
I walked into the kitchen before our big Lunch and found only the Kelly men in there preparing!! Love it!!
Here is a pic before we all sat down to eat:

After dinner, Kyndall and Grandpa set up a game of Chinese Checkers...

Cousin Alex, Uncle Bill, Grandpa, Kyndall, Cousin Dani, Allison, and Cousin Jack

Then Avery joined:
Dani, Cousin Joe (home from Chapman University in California), and Allison
Kyndall's perspective of Aunt Sue:
Kyndall's Perspective of Daddy and Avery:

Mommy, Kyndall, and Allison
Uncle Bill and Kyndall...wow they look serious:
All Grandpa's precious Grandkids....LOVE THEM!!!

I want to frame that picture!!!
The highlight was definitely seeing everyone, especially Joe who has been away at College since September. We have a lot to be thankful for and the Kelly family Thanksgiving is definitely one of the best days of the year!! Can't wait until next year!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finger Food Feast

The highlight, by far, of this fall HAS to be Kyndall's Thanksgiving program she performed at her Preschool, Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church Kidcare. It was BEYOND cute. It is called the "Finger Food Feast". In each class, the parents were assigned various "finger foods" to bring, I got off easy with 2 bags of potatoe chips. There was fruit, veggie trays, cheese, crackers, chips, small sandwiches and desserts. The best part was that Jim could take off and join too!! So Jim, Avery, and I met up at the church and had to go and find Kyndall's class table. Then we had to find her place settings she made:

(This is a turkey she made and the feathers are each of our hands: Jim, me, K, and A, Kyndall traced them and cut them out all by herself!!!)

After we sat down, the preschoolers all got on stage and sang THE CUTEST songs ever Thanking God!! The pics of that are at the bottom of this post. Then Kyndall came and ate with us:

Here is Kyndall as she and her classmates were going up on stage:

Notice she was a sweet little Indian and made her own little dress to wear and head dress with feathers....too cute

I couldn't get the video to upload...sorry! Come see us and we'll play it for you!! Have a Blessed and delicious Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday was quite a day....
First, we dropped Kyndall off at Preschool in her PJ's, slippers, and spirit shirt. It was wear your PJ bottoms day...too fun:) I made Kyndall's bottoms out of that super soft minky fabric you make baby blankets out of...she changed out of them as soon as she got home!!Then I took Avery and we met up with my friends Jenny, Mariah, and Melinda at the park to play and feed the ducks. It was so fun until some little stinker of a boy came straight up to Avery and spit a big 'ole loogie on her! Can you believe it?? And she actually was minding her own business playing with Sara Paige at the time. Boys are rotten sometimes. The boy's Daddy got him, but you know, he didn't ever even say he was sorry....gross, just gross!!

Then I needed to make my friend 2 diaper bags for baby gifts. So I set up a "design wall" by pinning fleece fabric on the wall and cutting out shapes from different fabrics for her to put up on there. Quilters use these to lay their pieces of fabric on to plan out their quilts before sewing them. I think maybe Avery might be a quilter someday, this kept her pretty busy while I cut, ironed and sewed my bags!
Here she is ironing her fabrics to put on the design wall:
Here are the 2 monogrammed custom diaper bags I made! Whew...we had a busy, busy Thursday and Friday:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preschool Pumpkin Hunt

Kyndall's preschool put on a Pumpkin Hunt/Game day instead of a Halloween party this year. The kids had a blast! The parents were invited to watch and take pics, so of course Avery and I had to stop by. Avery was in awe, and Kyndall just lit up when she saw us there. She gave Ave a huge hug and then ran back to the line where she was supposed to be.
The teachers were pretty sweet too, they let Avery try out the tunnel in the obstacle course so she could do it like Kyndall....
What cute little Pumpkin heads! This is most of Kyndall's little class....I labeled the only ones I knew for sure...Kyndall seriously looks like a big girl standing in line for the games!!

Go Kyndall!!!

Obstacle Course

Hula Hoop Toss

This is everyone listening to the directions of the teacher...you can see Avery sitting behind everyone listening too:)

This is Kyndall shooting hoops!

It was too cute to see Kyndall interacting with her little classmates and having a fun time!