Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party of 5

So, Our MIDDLE child wanted to make an announcement on our blog for us:

That's right folks, we are excited and blessed to announce that below you will see one of the first pictures of the newest member to our family!!  We now are, "Kelly, party of five"!!!  Little Baby Kelly is due on October 31st (but because I have to have ANOTHER c-section he or she will be making an appearance at least a week earlier than that!!!)  When we took our youngest (hee hee) to the Dr. last, the heart rate was 170 whoa!! and we are moving into the 10th week (almost the end of the first trimester!!!)

Of Course, Kyndall was super excited to announce her new sibling as well!!!  Cutest EVER t-shirts courtesy of Stephanie from Ashlyn Grace Designs on Etsy!!!  Also, one of my dear friends from college!!!  Kyndall wants a baby "brodder" and Avery wants a baby sister!!  Daddy and Mommy think either one would be great!!

So to wrap up our announcement, we are expecting a baby in October.  He or she was definitely on purpose, and I am feeling pretty good so far.  I haven't gained much weight because I only want like chicken noodle soup and fruits right now.  However, thankfully, I do not have morning sickness I am just super tired.  So if you call me in the afternoon or around lunch time and I don't is because Avery and I are napping.  And if you call after 8 pm....I am in bed!!  I'll keep you all posted as often as I have any news!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Kate and Sara Paige came over again for a fun playdate!!  The Barbie Jeep was the highlight I think.  I forgot to grab the helmets.  But the girls were going on "slow" speed and were buckled up!

 Kyndall drove first (not pictured) and only went a little way to show Kate how, then said, "I'm going to let Kate drive since she doesn't get to at home"  Pretty sweet:)  Kate was an awesome driver too:) 
Then the little girls decided it was there turn and chased Kate down!!  Luckily Kate is pretty sweet and great at sharing...
 Soon...Avery and SP were joining in the fun!  SP tried to drive but couldn't quite get the pedal/steering wheel coordination and was happy to control the radio while Avery drove them around the yard!

Yay Spring!!  We are loving playing outside with friends!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoo with our friends

We had a super fun St. Patty's Day (except for Kyndall was starting to get a little cough) we went to the Dallas Zoo with some good friends and all our kiddos.  It looks like such a big group, but it was super fun and the kids were so good!!

The whole group
 Kate, Aubrey, and Kyndall
 Kate and Kyndall checking out the animals
Sara Paige and Avery=BFF
 Avery and I were posing before we watched them feed the lions:
Jenny and I wimped out a little early with our girls, but the rest of the group stayed ALL day and totally had a blast!!!  Love the zoo with my sweeties and good friends:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exotropia Update

You might remember my Post about Kyndall having Exotropia (click on the word post if you want more details).  Jim and I prayed about it and decided that before we consider surgery we would get a second opinion.  So we took her to Prosper Family Eye Care and got just that!  Dr. Stacie told us that she has exotropia in both eyes and they easily pull in and out of alignment.  However, she can correct or straighten them out on her own.  She said that if it was her daughter she would observe more and wait on surgery until she can't control it on her own.  She said that there is a chance she will always be able to control it.  So we'll just keep observing and praying for guidance:)

We did find out that she has large pupils and that is why she squints so much in the sun.  The Dr. recommended a good pair of sunglasses that are polarized and have UV we got both girls some good ones from their office....Check out their super sassy barbie matching sunglasses:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun With Grandpa!

The girls and Jim went to visit Grandpa (Jim's Dad) on Saturday while I was hosting a shower for my good friend Jenny.

First, both girls gave Mae a little love before they left!!!
Then, they went to this awesome park and played:
Finally, they fed the ducks with Grandpa! 
I had to show this pic of Avery...she has been asking for a pony tail lately and so I try to slick her little hair back in one.  She LOVES her little ponies!!  She says it is like Kyndall....cute!
Grandpa always gives the girls super fun treasures and sent them home with 2 eggs that you soak in water and they "hatch" into little chicks.  They have been in the water for 2 days now and the girls LOVE checking the progress of their "real pet chicks".  He also gave them some funny glasses to wear!  All in all it was a super fun day!