Saturday, July 28, 2012

We've been a little crafty over here....

We are a little "craft" obsessed in this house.  I love to do anything, paint, origami, crochet, crafting with my Silhouette Cameo machine, even wood work...the list goes on and on and on.  Well, I am proud to say that 2 out of 3 of my girls are starting to really jump on the bandwagon with me!  I'll give Emery a couple more years. 

We started watching Craft Wars on TLC...Tuesday nights at 7:00p.m. central.  My girls and I LOVE the show...I mean LOVE it!  Kyndall would rather watch it than a Disney show or Nick Jr.  She is always telling me how she would have crafted the challenge.  She picks a contestant that she wants to win and cheers them on throughout the cute:)  So I decided to pull out some craft supplies and challenge Avery and Kyndall to our own Craft War!!!
I let them use sharpies, scrapbook paper, gift wrapping paper, buttons, glue, washi tape, yarn and anything else they could think of to decorate a boring old kleenex box.  You should have seen their excitement!

And the finished products....
Avery's is on the left...she had more of a simple style...just gluing, painting and washi taping the box, while Kyndall wanted to make a platform for it....notice the heart glued to the scrapbook paper...and the box was glued down to the scrapbook paper mat...they both added actual tissue paper in their design as well...Avery's tissue was more of an accent while Kyndall's was a pocket holding buttons.

Both had a blast and we avoided the whole "winning" scenerio because we had to quickly clean that up and take off to Joann's because I had signed Kyndall up with her friend, Kate, for a yarn craft class.  They made Pom Pom caterpillars:
Kyndall said it was SO much fun:)  Meanwhile, Avery and Kate's little sister Sara Paige went with the babies and Jenny and me to Ikea to play and have lunch.  Avery and SP aren't quite old enough for craft classes yet...but the kids area at Ikea is super fun so they weren't disappointed.

Have I admitted my obsession with Big Brother?  I have one, really bad.  I watch the show and even do a little betting game with family and friends on who will win the 500,00 dollar prize in the end.  Well, I have a good friend, Amy, who is also a BB fan (BB is short for Big Brother if you are a fanatic like me, you know this already) so we decided that our 9 month olds needed a Big Brother onesie to wear during this season.  If you watch the show you know that the competitors have to win a Head of Household (HOH) competition to get special treatment and they are in control of the house for the week.  They sleep in a nice room, have a private bathroom, and nominate 2 other players to get kicked out of the house (only one player gets kicked out per week).  All that to say, that Amy and I decided sometimes 9 month olds can be a bit like the Head of Household in real life.  You jump when they cry, you schedule around their feeding  and nap times, and so sometimes it can feel like they are running the place.  I have this great Heat Transfer Vinyl that I cut shapes out of and iron on fabric....I cut out HOH for both babies and ironed them on some onesies.....

Taa Daa.....

Cute little BB fans right?  There is my recent crafty endeaver!  Check out Big Brother and Craft Wars....warning: you might get hooked! 

P.S.  Sorry for the run-on sentences....I have 3 little ones talking the whole time and my thoughts are sporadic and a little unorganized!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer fun....


We had a playdate with my friend, Janette, and her 3 kiddos on Saturday....we attempted a cute craft while our 6, yes 6, kids played together.  They had a pretty good time, and I have known Janette since college, so it was so nice hanging out together!  Here are Rayne and Emery(with her big ole bow) checking each other out:)  

Paul, my brother in law, just got engaged to Lauren!!  We love her:)  She came over to hang out with my girls and me the other day...and we had so much fun!  She got a dose of the craziness of 3 kids though when Avery came down the stairs after giving herself  ANOTHER haircut ugh....She did this when she was 2 as well....Turns out she wanted "swooping" bangs like Lauren....Lauren told her to go to Bruno next time, not to do it herself...

We evened them out a bit...
Finally, I want to add a super cute pic of Kyndall....her new obsession is Groovy Girl Dolls.  She does their hair, saves her money for accessories, and cons me into making clothing for them.  Here is a pic of Kyndall "braiding" her doll's hair.  She also made the outfit herself (but you can't see it very well in the picture:)

*  Updated *

I checked the monitor this morning after hearing 2 voices and caught Avery in the crib playing with Emery......

Never gets boring around here!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

8 Months Old

I am a couple weeks late with this post, but guess who is 8 months old?  That is 2/3 a year old....ugh...time flies.  As hard as it is to experience time flying by so quickly, it is SO MUCH fun to watch Emery grow and change....
Some crazy things happened at 8 months:
* We are weaning her off of breastfeeding and found out she is allergic to milk based formula (horrible spots all over her sweet little body:(
*She likes rice cereal, peas, sweet potatoes and applesauce....not bananas
* She started officially crawling (see video below) right after turning 8 months 
*She has now discovered the stairs and is starting to pull herself up to her knees.
* She loves crawling after Mae, ADORES her sisters, and everytime she sees me she gets all excited and waves her little hands excitedly...then cries if I don't get her
*  She loves hanging out with her daddy  
*  She is picky who holds her...but she won't cry if it is family (mostly)

We all feel so blessed to have this sweet baby in our family!  What a fun group of girls we get to raise!!!