Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back....

Sorry about the long wait between posts...we have been without computers for about 4 or 5 days. I couldn't upload pics, go to the internet, or even turn them on. But my handsome and smart husband saved the day and fixed both of them for us!! Thanks honey:) Now here are some random pics of what we have been doing lately.....not too much:)
I finally finished the dining room curtains!! Whew that took a few months (Kate finally made me come over so she could pretty much finish them for me!)....Now to pick some trim for them and paint for the walls...bye, bye gray:)
Kyndall's Photography: Mommy Sewing (please ignore the trash sack)

Kyndall's photography: Daddy
Hi Avery! is Kyndall the clown...with tap shoes and a red blinking nose!! My friend Kate made the clown costume and gave it to Kyndall for dress up:)

I made a snake for Kyndall out of some green scrap fabric, buttons she picked out for the eyes, and a felt tongue. I stuffed it with flax seed which is supposed to be great for microwaving it to use for aches, or sticking it in the freezer for "boo-boos". Anyway, it is the UGLIEST thing ever, but Kyndall has a blast "scaring" Daddy with it. All of a sudden, Avery picked the thing up and started chasing them saying "sssss, sssss" it was so funny!! And yes, that is Kyndall streaking along too:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dora Live

My good friend Intaly invited Kyndall and I to the Dora Live show at the Nokia Theater on Saturday! It was so much fun!! Seriously, the actors/actresses were great, the kids LOVED dancing, singing and watching the show. We had a great time...just look at Kyndall's big smile!
Kyndall and Kiley in their seats!
Kyndall and I getting ready for the show!!

Kiley and her mommy Intaly

Kyndall with her Dora light spinner thing and Kiley with her Backpack! Gotta get some prizes right?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a couple of funny Kelly girl moments

Avery is really getting a "silly" personality lately!! Here are some pics of her wearing different hats/ears!!
This was Avery's "cheese" face!
Kyndall sometimes gets "mad" at whoever in our family has not acted "nice". She will cross her arms and tell us that she is mad. It is funny on this video, but it amazes me that she can so calmly let us know her frustrations, better than a screaming fit right?

You will be relieved to know that less than a minute after this video was taken, Jim asked Avery if she wanted to play "hide-and-seek" and Kyndall promptly forgave him and was no longer mad...she even decided to play with him again!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating the 4th and Grammie's Birthday!

What a great little trip we took to Lubbock to see my parents! We had such a great time enjoying the weather, playing with Bits and Gram, and celebrating the 4th of July with a Birthday party for my sweet Grammie! Here are some fun pics from our trip!!
Happy Independence day Ya'll!!
Kyndall got her first ever Proffessionally painted nails!! She was so good...just sat still and smiled...thanks Rose's Nails in Lubbock!!
Cute little toes!
Kyndall's fingernails
Bits pushing Kyndall in the Tree Swing
Kyndal pushing Avery in the tree swing!
Avery LOVED playing the piano!! Especially with her Gram
Kyndall wearing Bits' boots around the house!! Cracked me up:)
Yummy Fruit basket Gram made for the 4th of July lunch!! So cute huh
Happy Birthday to Grammie
Kyndall eating her Dilly bar from DQ....almost home!
Too much junk food? Dilly bar from DQ in left hand and Famous Amos cookies in her lap!!
They love each other!! Holding hands on the way home!