Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kelly Christmas Par-tay!!

The annual Kelly Christmas par-tay is so much fun!! I don't think I have ever blogged about how much fun it is to be in the Kelly family and enjoy the HUGE get-togethers they have. My family is very close, and super fun to get together with, but my kids are the only ones there, and most of you know that I am an only child so when I married Jim, his family really opened my eyes!! He is one of 4 boys and his older brother has 4 awesome kids. That means that get togethers are loud, fun, and huge!!! There are kids of all ages playing all over the place, Uncles playing with them or giving each other hard times, and Grandpa and my sister-in-law and me. I always do a pretty bad job of getting pictures because of the business and fun of it all...but here are a few...enjoy!!
Kyndall and Daddy opening some presents together!
Avery and Jack were rockin' out while Kyndall and Dani were in the background putting together a new Smart Cycle from Grandpa...what fun!

Kyndall and Avery are opening one of their big presents with Alex!

All the Kelly Cousins....plus Sue holding Avery!! Cute clan huh!!

Here are 2 videos of Avery rockin' out on her new piano with some help from her cousin and sis!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, Santa...you make us so happy...and scared???

Jim took this Friday off to spend some time with the family, and we took full advantage of it! We took the girls to see Santa! Happy times for Kyndall, not so much for Avery:) We got to the line and Kyndall was all ready to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. This was our conversation the whole way to Santa: Kyndall- Mom, what do I want for Christmas? Me-A Barbie Pet Care Center. over, and over, and over. I promise she did ask for that thing everytime she saw a picture or tv ad for it!! So we get in line and she is all excited until we get to the front. Then she starts backing up and not wanting to see him!! So he couldn't have been better about it. He said, "Hi pretty girls, come give me a high five!" Well, that won Kyndall over and she sat right in his lap. She told him what she wanted and he said he would try his best. Then it was time for the picture...so we set Ave on his lap and all screams broke loose!! It was click, click the camera as fast as you can and get her off!! As the girls were getting off his lap, Kyndall turned around and said, "Oh Santa, you got to come to my Bits and Gram's house to bring my present"( I'm sure he was wondering just what a Bits and Gram are...)...how smart of her to think of that huh!!! He said he would, and handed the girls some coloring books. He handed Avery hers and said, "You get one too, sweet girl, Santa loves you". How sweet was that??? Notice the sassy boots Kyndall is wearing...those are her absolute FAVORITE shoes to wear...she wears them with everything and to go everywhere...she put those on and said, "Santa will WUV (love) my boots, he will think I am so cute!!" You know it sister!! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and we can't wait to celebrate Christ's birthday with our family!!
Now here is a pic of when we tortured Kyndall at around the same age (about 4 months younger than Avery), poor Kyndall didn't have a big sis with her for support!! How about 2 girls that look just alike...even their crying expressions looked the same!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanks Grammie

Here is a video of the girls opening some packages Grammie sent them...enjoy!! Thanks Grammie:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slam Dancing?

On Tuesday night at around 6:00 pm, Kyndall and Avery were having so much fun dancing together and being silly. Of course as all games do that kids play, it kind of escalated to a little rougher than dancing. I pulled out my phone video camera and was taping the girls when Avery fell, then kind of propelled Kyndall which made her fall hard to the ground. She started crying and holding her neck, so I held her until Jim came home. As the night progressed (we thought she had strained her neck) she just got more uncomfortable and started complaining that she couldn't move her arm very well. So the next morning we took her straight to the Dr. who sent her straight to the hospital for x-rays. Turns out, sweet Kyndall broke her little collar bone and has to have a sling for 2-3 weeks. Thank goodness no surgery, adjusting, or rehabilitation...just a sling. Well, if you know me very well you can just guess what happened to that sling when she got home! We had to sass it up for my sweet, sad little girl....Here are a couple of pics of Kyndall after the accident. If you have a brave heart and stomach, I have also posted the infamous video of her breaking her collar bone at the bottom...watch at your own risk!!
This is Kyndall's explanation: "I was dancing with Avery, and I falled down and broke myself"
This is Kyndall in her sling the Dr. gave her...sweet girl was all smiles after we gave her pain meds and she got to spend the day alone with her Daddy going to the Dr., Walgreens, and the hospital for x-rays....Avery snuck in this pic!!
So I couldn't just leave "well enough" alone and I made her a new sling with super soft minky fabric on the inside and her name in pink as she requested on the outside.... Warning: Contents in video below maybe too hard to watch for some of you...watch at your own risk!! (It really isn't too bad....only bad because you know that when she fell she broke her collar bone...it looks like a normal, child falling when playing).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Fun Thanksgiving 09

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Avery and Jack!

Kyndall playing with Alex

Ha! Uncle Marc sat at the kiddie table with Kyndall...they had so much fun!
Aunt Sue halped Avery pick out a yummy cupcake for dessert!!
Kyndall LOVING her cupcake!
Uncle Paul got in some pre-game practice with Avery before the big Kelly Brother Thanksgiving Football game...(her shirt says, "Gobble Til Ya Wobble") Action shot of the game Halftime..hmm...The boys looka little winded!!
Grandpa's RV is more interesting to my girls than the football game!!
More RV time! Daddy is still playing his football game!
The Champions!!

Playing Football like their Daddy and Uncles
Grandpa had a fun game for the kids to play...Kyndall was learning how to aim!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Tree Hugger

I looked over at Kyndall today and almost got on to her for playing with the ornaments (because that is all the girls want to do and have already broken 2) and realized that she was hugging the Christmas tree!! Too cute:) Then as we left the house she looked back at the tree and said, "Good bye tree". I love the sweet innocence of my girls right now!!