Saturday, March 6, 2010


I don't know about you, but LOL (laugh out loud) seems like the goofiest thing to type, but honestly, it is sometimes the only proper way to describe my girls! Here are a couple of pics of the girls that I saw them and just laughed right out loud. These are the few I happened to catch with my camera!!

Okay, the LOL part of this one is that I watched Avery put all those stickers on HERSELF!!! And the wild hair was pretty funny too:)

Avery went straight for the wheel...a take charge kinda gal! (playing in Grandpa's RV)
Kyndall came down the stairs dressed like this:
Then posed with Avery....this was in Dec. see the stockings in the background...I think Kyndall was wishing for warmer weather!
And they like to find different ways to play with their toys!! (Don't worry, this is an old pic...Kyndall's collarbone is fine)

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