Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Bits!!

We Love You!

Avery was a little camera shy this Kyndall did the birthday wish!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little of this, and a little of that.... after BSF (bible study fellowship) I took the girls to play with some of their good friends (and the mommies are 2 of my closest friends) at Chick-fil-a. After lunch and a good 45 minutes of playing we let the girls trade their prizes in for ice cream. So Kyndall and her friend Kiley started joking around and putting tiny dots of ice cream on their foreheads and nose. We said, "ha, ha, cute now stop girls" so Avery looks at us and says, "Look at me!" She smashed her WHOLE icecream in her hair/on her forehead. Oh great! I don't know if you have seen There's Something about Mary", but if you have you'll enjoy the pic I took of the wouldn't go down for anything!! Bath time as soon as we got home!!
Did you know Avery has a bestie? Jocelyn is one of Ave's favorite little friends...they are in MOPS together, Bible Study Fellowship, and we go to the library with her too:) It is nice because one of Kyndall's besties is Jocelyn's big sis convenient is that...especially since their Mommy is one of MY closest friends!

New favorite dress up item...Super Princess Capes! Thanks Gram and Bits for Kyndall and Avery's Valentine presents!! Avery is so sweet too, she'll share with Kiley!! Kyndall playing super princesses with one of her BFF's Kiley!

Did I mention Kyndall doesn't take naps anymore? Well, today I wanted to get started making MYSELF a sassy apron (since I have been cooking a lot more and realized it would be nice to have one) and I was cutting my pattern pieces out in the living room. I gave Kyndall my scraps, some safety scissors, a gluestick, and her great imagination...and she "crafted" with me!! I love these fun moments with my sweet "big" girl!!

Her Craft:

And I'll end on a picture that made me smile:) I have to brag on my hubs again for his Valentine bouquet...beautiful huh!! The girls got heart-shaped boxes of chocolates...and got to eat them ALL right then and there. Avery of course ate all hers, and Kyndall decided to save a few...I know you know where this story is going....Avery got into Kyndall's and ate one of her "saved" ones. Kyndall is too sweet, she said, "I guess I need to put them high away from Avery next time". Don't worry though, she did let Avery know it "wasn't bery nice".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow much fun!!

Kyndall LOVES the snow. She only wears dresses now-a-days because she feels like a "princess" in them, but she pulled on the old jeans for some playtime in the snow the other day. Most of you know there was a crazy turn of events for Big D on Feb. 11th we received about 10" of snow...woo hoo did it look pretty:) Kyndall loved playing in it with her Daddy and Mae, but Avery and I stayed in the nice warm house and cuddled:) Enjoy the few pics Jim got of the day!
Whoa! Can't see guys, little help here please!!

Making a little snowball here..

She even posed up in her fort!

Mae liked the snow too:)
And not to be left is a pic of Avery (who is NOT a fan of cold snow thank you very much) fingerpainting with Uncle Bill's Birthday gift to her....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avery turned two-two!!

Avery Ellen Kelly was born 2 years ago on February 5, 2008! I can't believe it has been 2 years! She has quite the personality. She loves to cuddle with Mommy, play baby dolls with her sister, cook in the kitchen, play hide-n-seek with Daddy, run around, watch Dora (although she calls it Diego), eat mac-n-cheese and PIZZA!! She loves crafts and was so excited to get a cute little lap desk with her name on it and some art supplies to play with from Uncle Marc, Aunt Sue, Joe, Dani, Alex, and Jack! She LOVES Mae, all her family, and wants to know at all times where "sister" is! For her 2nd birthday we decided to have a low-key tu tu family birthday party (since she was turning 2...get it two-two!!) and it was so fun. My parents came from Lubbock, Grammie and Popo came from Amarillo, Grandpa came from Highland Village, Uncle Bill came from Dallas, and Uncle Marc and Aunt Sue, Dani, Alex, and Jack came from down the street (pretty much). We had pizza and cake at her party and she got some really fun gifts:) She and Kyndall just make my days full of fun and craziness!! Avery also had another milestone...she got her first haircut!! Jim and I are convinced that a little more sassyness came with it! Happy Birthday Avery Ellen, we love you baby girl!!!
Our sweet little 2nd blessing!
Avery's First Birthday..

My precious 2 year old!!

Grammie brought Avery some happy birthday good

Yummy Birthday cookies!

Grammie got the girls some CUTE matching outfits..
Ave's tag junior she got from Bits and Gram....too fun!
Kyndall got Avery a play mixer! Avery LOVED it!
First official haircut (not counting when I trimmed her bangs) she did great! This was right before her party!

Kyndall wore her tu tu to Ave's party!
The birthday "tu-tu" and shirt that said, tu tu cute. I like how the skirt turned out, but it was more of a can-can dress than a tu tu dress!

Her birthday cake:
Opening a guitar from Grandpa!
Cuddling with Grammie and Popo

Post party relaxing with their Bits!
The fingerpaints Uncle Bill gave her were a hit!!