Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kyndall's Fun Run

Last Friday, Kyndall had her annual Boosterthon Fun Run/ Walkathon.  It is super cute.  Parents pledge $ per lap and kids run laps for an hour and earn money for Mooneyham and their own classroom.  Kyndall LOVES it and we LOVE cheering her on.  Even her sweet Daddy took an hour off of work to come and watch....we love him.  Kyndall ran 29 laps!  Wow, what a champ...she barely walked...that girl is way more athletic than I could ever hope to be:)  She must get it from her Daddy....
On our way....
Avery and I were watching and cheering... 
Kyndall was waiting to run... 
Here she goes folks!!! 
Daddy and Emery cheering K on! 
She was proud!! 
Avery loves her big sis...she made her stop during the run and hug her...of course she did
We are so proud of our sweet 1st grader and how enthusiastically she does everything!!!  Go Kyndall:)

Friday, October 5, 2012

11 months and 9 days old....

One year ago today, I was VERY pregnant and VERY ready to have my little Emery Jane....and now here she is almost a year old....I can't believe it!  She is so much fun, and so sweet, and I wanted to update everyone on what fun things she is doing at 11 months!
She can ...pull up, stand on her own, cruise, clap
She can get her own snacks out of the container and feed herself (and share with little friends!)
This is Lincoln, isn't he presh!
She has gone to her sweet friend Rayne's first birthday party and had her first solo photo booth pic!
Other fun things:
* says, "Hi Dada" and waves
* says, "ba ba" and waves (when you say bye bye to her)
*She points to her nose when your ask her where her nose is (soooo super cute)
*Waves when you say hi
* she has stood up while not holding on to anything 1 time
*She has started waking up at 4:00 AM ...e.v.e.r.y morning for some reason...ugh

I took her to Kim Peichel Photography for her 1 year pics...a little early...click here for a video preview of the session....I LOVE Kim she has captured our family pics since Kyndall was born and never disappoints.  She always has a great new idea or set up that wows me everytime!!

I can't believe we are less than a month away from her 1st birthday!!!  Our lives have definitely been blessed with her addition to our family...