Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

My friend Mariah had a super cute St. Patty's Day party for our sweet little kids. That is no small group to have over either! There were 11 little ones in all! 2 sets of twins that just turned one, another sweet little one year old, Avery who is 2, and 5 sweet but spunky 3 year olds! Does that sound like alot? Well, our sweet friend Candace couldn't make it and she has 4 more that were going to come!!! Anyway, it was so much fun! She had chalk, a swingset, hidden gold coin candies for them to find, and fun games to play! The snacks were A-MAZ-ING! There was a rainbow made out of different fruits, cupcakes, cookies and many other snacks....She is the ultimate party giver!!
Then we headed to Grandpa's house for a DELICIOUS home cooked meal. Aunt Sal, Aunt Peg, and Uncle Bud came all the way from Iowa to visit us! They are Grandpa's 2 sisters and brother-in-law. We just love when they come to visit, and had a blast eating their yummy food and catching up with them...we can't wait til they come back again! Maybe we can make a trip up there someday, I've never been to Iowa....hmmm....
Avery showing off her yummy cookie!

Brady and Logan...check out their cute shirts...had to take a pic! Their mom, Melinda, made them!! She is pretty creative huh!!

Piper and Parker....

Mariah and Parker, hanging out with Intaly and Sara Paige

Avery and I hanging out with Jenny and Sara Paige

Sara Paige and Avery...chattin' and smilin'

Melinda and Mariah with their twins!!

Cute pic of Almost all the kids (Mason wasn't feeling a group shot) I snapped the pic so quickly that I didn't get a chance to make sure we could see everyone well...Aubrey and Kiley are hidden behind some of the babes!

Left to right: Aubrey behind Sara Paige, Kate behind Piper, Kyndall, Kiley behind Brady and Logan, Avery, and Parker

Mason was busy speed racin' during the group shot!
A good party with toddlers and Preschoolers wouldn't be the same without a good meltdown....sorry Kyndall, had to take the pic!
Kyndall and Avery hanging out with Grandpa and Daddy!
Family is so fun!! We just love when Aunt Sal, Aunt Peg, and Uncle Bud come to visit!!

Left to Right: Jim, Avery, Kristi, Aunt Sal, Grandpa, Kyndall, Aunt Peg, and Uncle Bud!

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Cissie said...

Too cute! Looks like so much fun!! Love those cute little dresses!