Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

Well, Halloween this year was definitely a crazy one for the Kelly Fam!!  Pre-Emery, Avery had her first ever "school pumpkin patch" full of fun, games, snacks, picking pumpkins and decorating them!  I got to go to this one while still pregnant with Emery...just the day before my c-section!!!

However, I had to miss Kyndall's first ever big school pumpkin patch:(  I had a hard time with that one.  This took place 2 days after Emery was born and  I was still at the hospital.  Luckily, Jim is the best dad ever and volutneered to go, take pics, and help out with all those sweet Kindergartners.  Here are some pics he captured of the study trip.  Oh, and he said it was in Frisco and there was a craft station, hay ride, science center, and maze....super fun!!!

Finally, We were all home to enjoy Halloween.  Emery and I stayed behind with Gram to hand out candy...while super Dad took his big girls trick-or-treating!!  They had a blast!!  We kind of dressed Em up so she could join in the fun...with a pumpkin hat I made her:)  Avery was Tinkerbell, and Kyndall was a Heritage High School Cheerleader!! 
Life has been fun, but hectic with 3 sweet little girls...thanks to our family and friends for dinners, their help, and lots of prayers!!!  We hope you all had a great Halloween too:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Welcome, Emery Jane Kelly!!!

We are blessed beyond belief to welcome a very healthy, beautiful little girl to our family!  On October 26th, at 11:02am, the best Dr. (Dr. Robert), nurses, and staff at Baylor Frisco delivered little Miss Emery Jane!  She was 8lbs 5oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  She is an absolute doll and we are all in love with her already!!  Her big sisters are the sweetest and most helpful girls ever!!!  Enjoy some pics!
Ready to Go!
Jim got "footprinted" 
My amazing Dr.!! 
Gram with her 3 grand daughters!! 
Avery has some kisses for Emery! 
Emery Jane Kelly 
Look at Kyndall's face here!!  Priceless!!! 
Grammie with Emery: 
Bits holding his newest Granddaughter! 
Jenny and Emery!!! 
Brad with Em: 
Grandpa with his newest granddaughter! 
Intaly and Emery: 
Janette and Emery: 
Janette's daughter Rayne with Emery....already great friends!!!

Janette and I were preggo together and both due in Oct., but Rayne decided to come a little we are holding each other's babes!!!

Aunt Al with Emery (by the way, she and my bro-in-law Bill are engaged now, YAY!!!)

Uncle Bill and Emery

Diane with Emery

Jim with Emery

Emery being a little cutie!!  Grammie got her this outfit:)

At home, Avery is enjoying some Emery watching time!!

Love my new girl!!

My friend Kate with Emery!!

Amy and I were preggo together due a week apart and she had her little man the week before Emery came!!