Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Disney World Vacation: Epcot

Highlights of our time at Epcot:
*As we walked in, Avery asked us how to kick the big ball (Epcot's main attraction), she wouldn't let it go, so we told her only giants could!
*Kyndall had a Mickey Mouse figurine called "Vynlmation" and got to trade for a new one at each gift shop!
*Had dinner with the Princesses in Norway....the girls were starstruck!
*Avery met Ariel and told her to watch out for Monsters!
*We waited for an hour just to meet and get pics with Tinker Bell and Terrence....yes we love our sweet kids!
*The girls liked Epcot okay, but I definitely think that Magic Kingdom was their Favorite place!
*We ate at Japan for lunch..yummy!
*We loved that all the people who worked at the countries were actually FROM the countries....All the people who worked there were super friendly and made the park definitely a fun place to be:)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kyndall's Spring Sing and Open House at Preschool

Okay, you will have to back up with me a month and let me FINALLY make a post showing Kyndall's SUPER cute, Super sweet, and Super fun end of the year Spring Sing and Open House at her preschool.  First of all, I must say that they do a wonderful job of organizing, teaching and loving on these precious children.  God is evident in all the teachers/staff at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church's Preschool program.  Here are some highlights of the event!

Sorry about the darkness...but here is Kyndall on the risers getting ready to sing with her classmates:

 Daddy and Avery ready to watch Kyndall!!
 Kyndall showing her Rainbow book of colors.  Inside it showed all the different colors she learned....
And here is a close up of Kyndall singing and doing her motions!  I couldn't upload the video....need to get my super busy IT husband to help me figure that out:)  But I thought this was a super cute action shot!