Monday, July 25, 2011


Guess what??  It is time for VBS!!!  I LOVE Vacation Bible School.  I went as a child and loved it and now Kyndall is going this week:)  This is actually her 3rd year to go.  The Corners Church puts on a fantastic week of crafts, songs, and learning all about JESUS!!  What is even better, her sweet friends are all in her little group with her!!!

Here are Kate and Kyndall posing before their first day of VBS!!
Avery went to brunch with my sweet friend Niki and me while we waited to go pick up Kyndall....she kept asking if we could got get her YET!
Here are Avery, Niki and I posing at La Madeline....poor Avery is almost hidden behind the belly babies!!!
All was well when we went to pick up Kyndall and Avery's bestie Sara Paige was there....girly screaming and hugs ensued:
Then they grabbed hands and ran to get their big sisters.  Avery sang, "we are best friends, best friends" all the way to the Sanctuary....too cute for words.. 
I can't wait to see and hear about all the things Kyndall learns and does this week in VBS!  And don't worry, Avery is having a playdate with Sara Paige tomorrow morning while their big sisters are enjoying their Pandamania VBS.....maybe tomorrow morning will go by faster for her:)  She sure does miss her sister when she isn't around!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Avery visits Dr. Chen

I took Avery to her 3 year old well check and what do you know?  She failed her eye exam:(  Jim is near sighted, all his family had glasses, and my dad had glasses too.  So the poor thing didn't have much of a chance did she?  I, however, have great vision and so does Kyndall (minus the exotropia thing, but her vision is perfect).  Speaking of exotropia, Avery went with us on that visit (which is the same pediatric opthamologist we took Avery to) so as soon as she walked into the office, there was no hesitation....she just hopped in the exam chair and gave me a big smile (she is used to many pictures by now).
Dr. Chen (who is awesome I might add) said she had 20/40 and 20/50 vision.  She is near sighted and has an astigmatizm.  But, it doesn't really affect her everyday life right now and Dr. Chen said she didn't want to give her glasses this young if she wasn't struggling.   So we will go back in February for a re-evaluation unless she starts showing signs of discomfort and frustration.
They did dialate (sp?) her eyes and Kyndall and Avery got to go to the "train room" to wait 30 minutes for her eyes to do just that...ugh. 
This was Dr. Chen checking Avery out one last time after dialation to determine for sure whether to recommend glasses or wait:
Avery thought that machine was SO COOL!  I totally forgot to bring her sunglasses though and when we walked outside she was practically blinded by the sun.  So my big 'ole pregnant self had to carry her in the dead heat to the car!!  What a trooper though, and Kyndall was such a great helper....I'll keep everyone updated when she ends up with her "little 4 eyes"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Guess what Grandpa made....

You may or may not know much about my Father-in-law, but one thing you HAVE to know about him is that he is amazingly creative and an awesome carpenter!  He has made so many things/furniture for our house and for us.  He has made baby furniture, helped Jim build a playset in the backyard, our entertainment center, kitchen table, gliding bench, cooler, chess table, chinese checkers game, and I know there is more, but my mind is blank.  Well, he has outdone himself lateley...check this beauty:
That is my NEW custom made jewelry box!!!  It is beautiful....I mean BEAUTIFUL!!!  Check out all the details he added (beading, K, border and knobs!!!)  I am IN LOVE with it....It holds all the jewelry I have!!!  I am the luckiest Daughter-in-law EVER!  Not only is he creative and thoughtful, but an amazing FIL and Grandpa!!  I had to brag on him a little:)

Not only did he make me my jewelry box, but he customized 2 smaller ones for the girls so they could have their very own!!  He even bought them little rings to put inside theirs!!!  They LOVE theirs too:)

Thanks Grandpa for making us the BEST Jewelry boxes EVER!!!  We love you:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Banana Splits are THE BEST!

Kyndall, Avery and I went out on the town the other day in search of white chenille fabric.  You would have thought it would have been easy to find with all the fabric stores around here but we drove from one to another all afternoon with no luck!  So I decided I was craving a banana split when I saw Braums across the street from our last fabric shop.  The girls were hot, tired and it was perfect!  There is a history with Braums, Grammie and used to go eat there together as a special treat.  We would get their burgers, fries and then every time we would split a yummy banana split!!
And who can resist one of these babies:

And you know, they are EXACLTY the same as always.  That is the best thing about Braums.  Now, I will tell you to avoid the Braums in Plano off of was pretty dirty:(  Even the girls thought it was (tables, restroom)  the food, drinks and trays seemed pretty good though.  I would go to the one on McDermott and Alma if you are in this area.  Kyndall was not so sure about a banana split though, she said, "I want a banilla (vanilla) scoop in a cone"  so I told her that she had to try the b-split and if she still wanted the vanilla cone I would get her one.

After she tried it, she was hooked!!  And Avery's favorite thing in the whole world is ice cream so she was in Heaven!!  They had a little mini grocery store there Kyndall just HAD to go get fixin's for our very own banana splits from home....check out the flavors the girls picked out!

This beat-down hot Texas weather definitely calls for some banana splits in our near future again:)  You know bananas have potassium, and ice cream has my mind this is a SUPER healthy snack!!  ha!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When the kids are away...Mommy will play!

We went to visit my parents and Grandparents over the 4th of July to celebrate Grammie (more about that to come on Saturday) and spend time together.  The girls wanted to stay with my parents for a few more days while Jim and I came home...
We kissed them goodbye and headed back to McKinney!  First, we had dinner with Jim's Dad that night, which was super Olive Garden's new Chicken with Parmesian ravioli...yum!
Then, I got a day of eating lunch at Cafe Max...double yum, and fabric shopping all morning.  After that, I met up with my sweet Preggo friend, Janette,  and we took our big ole selves to the nail salon and got pedicures...ahhh
Then, I got to go on a hot date with my hunk of a husband that night!!  We ate at the Grand Luxe in the Galleria Mall!!  What a fun time we had just enjoying each other...and of course talking about our sweet babies who were in Lubbock!!

Whew!  That was a pretty great day, right...well then today, Wednesday, I slept in til 8:30, read my book for an hour, then got up and around.  At 4:00, I picked up my friend Jenny (and her little one Harper) and we headed our to eat at Breadwinners with our sweet friend, Lisa!!  Now, I had to manipulate a pic of all 3 of us because I forgot to bring my camera in for the restaurant!!

Then, Jenny and I headed to the cutest little shop in Dallas called The Shabby Sheep and took the most FUN beginner crochet class!!

Oh yeah, check my hard work out!!

Harper couldn't keep her cute lil' eyes off my handi-work

Next up??  I think I'll make this!!
Well....maybe I need more practice for that!!  Click on the pic to see this girl's etsy shop...she rocks!!

Anyway, I have had an AMAZING 2 days full of relaxation, dinners, friend time, husband time, and NOW I get to go pick up my sweet girls!!  I thought I would want more time, but I sure do miss their sweet voices, loving cuddles, and cute little faces!  I will definitely let them go visit their Bits and Gram anytime they want, but it sure is nice knowing they'll be back in my arms tomorrow!!