Monday, April 26, 2010

What do little girls do when their Mommy's are drooling over fabric? They have a Fashion Show with it!!!

Jenny came over with her 2 sweet girls last week and we had a little playdate. Jenny had just gotten some fun new fabric for a project she is working on and as we were going through all of it (our own little playdate) the girls came over and started enjoying the new fabric too!! I love my girls and our friends...every playdate is fun and I learn so much about how their little minds think, what great imaginations and ideas they glad for a camera so you all can enjoy their sweet moments too!!
I have no words for this cuteness!!!
Sara Paige joined in too...but as I was taking her pic, she totally pulled her "bow" out....look at that laugh!!!

How about those sassy poses!

Mommy's have to join in too!! Kyndall and Kate took this pic:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In a sewing mood

My friends Jenny and Kate went with me to the MODA warehouse last week for some fabric and sewing essentials. It is an AMAZING place to go! If you are really into sewing and fun sewing tools you will LOVE this place. The only stipulation for going there is you have to have a business tax ID number to get in, and a minimum purchase requirement (oh yea and no kids allowed so you need to find a sweet friend to take care of you little ones!). That is why we all went together to make it more affordable. The only other thing about them is you have to buy in bulk...meaning I bought 10+ yards of each fabric (3 of them) . So when I got home I had the itch to sew some fun things. I sewed a cute ruffle apron for Kyndall and a romper for Avery. Believe me, I have TONS of fabric still left for me to go crazy with! You may ask me what my girls do when I get the itch to sew. So glad you asked...I took a couple of pictures of them "helping" me out!! Most of the time I sew at night, but every once in awhile we like to create together!!!
While I am pinning, cutting, ruffling, and sewing I pulled out my scrap fabric bin for the girls to have some is what Avery did first thing!
Then Kyndall came over to dig in and of course was patient with Avery and posed for me while I was laughing hysterically and taking pics of them!
So Kyndall picked some coordinating fabrics and started designing a pillow for Sara Paige...(one of our friends)

Ta Da!!!
My happy little model in her new romper!
and the back
Can't forget my other sweetie!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh how we LOVE Spring

Oh how we love Spring...nice beautiful weather for.....
Picking Flowers
For Mommy!!

Posing in her new apron in her "house"

And of course...swinging!!
Happy Spring Everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too fun Tuesdays

We go to the library on Tuesdays. It is too much fun! The older girls, Anika, Kyndall and sometimes Kate go listen to a couple of stories and sing some songs while the little girls, Avery, Jocelyn, and sometimes Sara Paige play with puzzles and other fun toys they have. We love it...and then we go to eat...and all crash out for naps...what a fun Tuesday!

Ha!!! She did this, not me I promise!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had an amazing Easter this year! Grammie, Popo, Bits and Gram all came to celebrate with us! We took the girls to the McKinney Easter Egg Hunt, Church, and our own little hunt at home. What a fun and wonderful weekend we had remembering God's great love sending his son, Jesus, to die on the cross to take away all our sins!
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall not parish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
He is Risen!!! We are Saved!!!

Easter baskets ready for the McKinney Easter Egg Hunt fun!

Avery was attempting the balance the egg game...
Balancing the egg race

Kyndall and her friend Ryan!!

Easter Bunny shot!! Avery was trying to escape and Bits said that Kyndall had a death grip on him...too funny!

End of the morning train ride

Easter Morning:
The loot

Opening their Easter Baskets

We hunted inside because of the misty weather outside...wimps I know...but the girls still had fun!
Sweet Sister Hugs!!

Bits and Gram with the girls...check out Avery's little Sassy pose!! Kyndall was saying, "I love you Bits"

Grammie and Popo with the girls!