Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gotta Love a Great Deal!

Jim and I decided to run to Garden Ridge today to get a few things we needed for the house and (fortunately) drove to the one in Plano, Texas which is located in a little Antique Strip Mall. We ho-hummed around Garden Ridge to leave empty handed, but decided to check out the other stores there. We came across 75% OFF BOOKS. I know what you are thinking...junk, nothing worth getting and not really 75% off...that is what I thought too!! Oh but we were so wrong. This is a teacher/parent oasis! They had rows and rows of organized books, popular books that I have purchased at full price from various big name bookstores. In fact, last week I spent $6.95 on 2 books form Target that were here for $1.73. Then, they had a clearance section and we got a coloring book for 25 cents!! I recommend coming here and bringing your kids and letting them pick out like 5 or so new books to read (you won't break the bank and they will be thrilled!). It was totally clean, well organized and the people were super friendly. I can't wait to go back for more!!!
Hello....Gorgeous!!! My new favorite bookstore by far:
Oh yes, you are reading this correctly, $1.73. This book can also be found at Target for 6.95...really, I saw it there last week!! What, what!!

One day she'll learn to read the book right side up!! But who cares how she reads it, it made for a fun and quiet ride home!! (By the way, that book was $3.50 and came with a bird feeder that we can go put in our tree once I get some bird seed!!)

Kyndall was so excited to put her Barbie stickers on her new book (that cost $1.73

What could be better than reading with Daddy? And he had PLENTY books to read after our trip there!!

Here is my little model posing with all of our loot! 11 books for $23.00!!

By the is our progress on floors! We have gotten a little more finished since this photo...but still have the dining room to finish which is located to the right of this picture!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ice Cream Man

Okay, so Kyndall, Avery and I were minding our own business just hanging around the house when I heard that wonderful song. You know the little tune, it is probably flooding back in your brain as you are reading this. THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!! I ran to the door, (the girls were a little confused) opened it, and made sure he was close, and sure enough he was 2 doors down. I yelled, "Kyndall, Avery, if you hurry we can get some ice cream". It took them about 2.5 seconds to meet me at the door. I grabbed my money and we walked over to the truck. I was suprised at how quickly they both decided on (the most expensive) Dora. It was just 2 bucks each so we didn't break the bank or anything. It was too cute...and I am sure they will be the ones to hear him next time!! What a fun way to get us ready for the nicer weather!!
The ice cream of choice:
A little creepy looking, but delicious!! Kyndall let me try hers:)

Two little cuties enjoying their treats!!

Messy Avery trying to clean off a little:)

Messy little Kyndall

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fancy Nancy

One of Kyndall's favorite friends ever had a Fancy Nancy birthday party. Fancy Nancy is a series of books about a little girl who loves to dress up fancy, eat fancy things, and use alot of fancy words!! They are such cute little books and most little girls just love reading them. When we got the invite to the b-day party, Kyndall could hardly contain her excitement! She talked about it for a couple of weeks, and we even made a trip to Target for her very own Fancy Nancy dress! My friend emailed me this pic from the cute is that!!
Olivia the birthday girl...and Kyndall

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

My friend Mariah had a super cute St. Patty's Day party for our sweet little kids. That is no small group to have over either! There were 11 little ones in all! 2 sets of twins that just turned one, another sweet little one year old, Avery who is 2, and 5 sweet but spunky 3 year olds! Does that sound like alot? Well, our sweet friend Candace couldn't make it and she has 4 more that were going to come!!! Anyway, it was so much fun! She had chalk, a swingset, hidden gold coin candies for them to find, and fun games to play! The snacks were A-MAZ-ING! There was a rainbow made out of different fruits, cupcakes, cookies and many other snacks....She is the ultimate party giver!!
Then we headed to Grandpa's house for a DELICIOUS home cooked meal. Aunt Sal, Aunt Peg, and Uncle Bud came all the way from Iowa to visit us! They are Grandpa's 2 sisters and brother-in-law. We just love when they come to visit, and had a blast eating their yummy food and catching up with them...we can't wait til they come back again! Maybe we can make a trip up there someday, I've never been to Iowa....hmmm....
Avery showing off her yummy cookie!

Brady and Logan...check out their cute shirts...had to take a pic! Their mom, Melinda, made them!! She is pretty creative huh!!

Piper and Parker....

Mariah and Parker, hanging out with Intaly and Sara Paige

Avery and I hanging out with Jenny and Sara Paige

Sara Paige and Avery...chattin' and smilin'

Melinda and Mariah with their twins!!

Cute pic of Almost all the kids (Mason wasn't feeling a group shot) I snapped the pic so quickly that I didn't get a chance to make sure we could see everyone well...Aubrey and Kiley are hidden behind some of the babes!

Left to right: Aubrey behind Sara Paige, Kate behind Piper, Kyndall, Kiley behind Brady and Logan, Avery, and Parker

Mason was busy speed racin' during the group shot!
A good party with toddlers and Preschoolers wouldn't be the same without a good meltdown....sorry Kyndall, had to take the pic!
Kyndall and Avery hanging out with Grandpa and Daddy!
Family is so fun!! We just love when Aunt Sal, Aunt Peg, and Uncle Bud come to visit!!

Left to Right: Jim, Avery, Kristi, Aunt Sal, Grandpa, Kyndall, Aunt Peg, and Uncle Bud!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Making some progress....

Well, we are making some progress with our flooring....Jim tore out the carpet, carpet pad and baseboards. We picked out and purchased the flooring and baseboards from the stores and are prepping the floor for its new and improved covering!!! We can't wait!! Kyndall was telling people that we are going to have floors like a stage so she could dance and sing on it (her Daddy's explanation to her) I love the innocence of my sweet girls!!! I'm sure that explanation came from Jim after a long series of Why?, why?, why? why? why? when she was being told we were getting new flooring!!! Avery, as usual, is just happy-go-lucky about everything right now (wouldn't that be nice!) and her only worry is not doing or getting exactly what her sister does or gets....
Oh, and I posted a couple of random pics at the bottom of this page just for fun!! Kyndall and Avery are at a stage where they love to play together, be together, and cuddle enjoy those. And I don't post a whole lot about my friends and the fun we have, so I added a pic at the bottom of some of my friends that I can be seen with on a regular basis. Their kiddos are precious and they are a blast...God has blessed me with wonderful life, husband, kids and friends....
What a patient and sweet Daddy to let the girls help him lay out the underlay for the new flooring!! Avery was so serious...wouldn't even look up for the camera!!
They were working hard!

Not a lot of work going on here...but a lot of giggling!

Awww...sweet sister love:) cute??? They were watching Mickey Mouse Club on my phone together....sweet baby girls:)
Oh...and totally off the subject...these are my sweet friends...aren't I a lucky SAHM (stay at home mom)??? These Mommies and I get together quite often for fun playdates, and fun Mommy night outs!! Left to right: Melinda, Candace, Jenny, Intaly, Mariah, and me!! Click on their names to see their blogs!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Changes

So remember the proud post I did on my newly finished and redecorated sewing room? That baby has been so much fun!! It stays nice and neat, it is a calming comfortable color, and so completely organized it is almost scary!!! But, the floors, oh yuck, the floors. A little paint here and hair....thread, and LOTS of spill stains that I couldn't quite get cleaned up as well as I would like...all this covers the floor. So Jim and I have decided to get rid of carpet and get some wood floors!! Well, laminate floors, but you know what I am saying:) We are starting in the sewing room and moving out from there to do the entire downstairs minus the tiled areas!! Woo Hoo...totally worth having to re-take all the furniture out of there and put it all back again!! I post pics when we finish!!!
Temporary emptying of my sewing room.....
Gave the girls a little room to move it and shake it!!

Kyndall....always the ballerina!! and a pic of Avery's face....that is a rare one:)

...and we all fall down!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I don't know about you, but LOL (laugh out loud) seems like the goofiest thing to type, but honestly, it is sometimes the only proper way to describe my girls! Here are a couple of pics of the girls that I saw them and just laughed right out loud. These are the few I happened to catch with my camera!!

Okay, the LOL part of this one is that I watched Avery put all those stickers on HERSELF!!! And the wild hair was pretty funny too:)

Avery went straight for the wheel...a take charge kinda gal! (playing in Grandpa's RV)
Kyndall came down the stairs dressed like this:
Then posed with Avery....this was in Dec. see the stockings in the background...I think Kyndall was wishing for warmer weather!
And they like to find different ways to play with their toys!! (Don't worry, this is an old pic...Kyndall's collarbone is fine)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little cultural diversity for the Kelly girls

My good friend Intaly and I go eat Pho pretty often with our girls. Pho is actually a Vietnamese broth based soup, but the girls and I always get a noodle bowl and egg rolls. It is delicious:) We like to go on Wednesdays after BSF, and Kyndall's BFF Kiley comes along too. Intaly uses chopsticks (I'm not so good at them) and I guess Kyndall had been watching her, because she picked them up and started trying them out. I looked over at her just in time to see her putting a huge bite of noodles in her mouth with them! So I whipped out my camera for proof so I could brag about her skills....and here it is
Concentration is the key to success with chopsticks!
She did it!

If all else fails....just be silly!