Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Ahoy Mateys!!!

What an incredible week for Kyndall!! She went to The Corners Church for VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week. Avery isn't quite old enough to go yet, so she and I had some quality time together. Two of Kyndall's best friends, Kate and Kiley also went this week and they all had a blast!!!! It started out a little rough, Kyndall has really been having a hard time leaving me lately (no matter where we are or what we are doing) which breaks my heart when she cries as I leave her. She usually gets over it pretty quickly though. On Monday when I dropped her off, a sweet lady had to pry her screaming and crying off of me. Wow, that was not fun. But when I went to pick her up she was so happy and excited (whew). They learn stories about Jesus, his disciples, sing songs, play games and of course eat yummy snacks! On Thursday, the "Pirate Teacher" as Kyndall called the Director (who dressed as a pirate to go along with the High Seas theme) told the story of Christ dying for our sins and how we could ask him in our hearts and have everlasting life in Heaven with him. Kyndall went to the front and prayed with her sweet! Then she came home and said, "Momma, I prayed and asked Jesus to my heart and you know what?! They are having a party in Heaven now!!!" Oh how I love her sweet, innocent, precious, little heart!!! After Monday's drop off the rest of the week went really smooth, Kyndall was super excited to go everyday and even wanted to walk to her group by herself! Tonight they had a family night where you could come and see a video of all the kids and hear them sing their songs. Kyndall was so proud to take us, and we were so excited to see her so enthusiastic! Yay for a fun week of VBS!!! Thanks to The Corners Church for providing such a warm and loving environment!!!

After VBS Yogurt run with all our girls!! Could they be any sweeter? I think not!!

These two are becoming besties!! They really enjoy each other....what fun friends we have:)

Kyndall posing with all her crafts she made!! Look at that face:)
Kyndall and Kiley were in the same group together!! This is their teacher Annie...who they LOVED:)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kyndall's Birthday Party Recap

I know, I know, where have we been, why have we been neglecting the blog??? All I can say is it is summer and we are taking full advantage of playing in the sun and enjoying the summer. I haven't taken the time to post all the pics sorry!!! For Kyndall's birthday celebration this year, she had a super fun day. Grammie took her to Sweet n Sassy to get her hair and nails done before the party. Then she had a party with her friends after that. We decided since Kyndall's favorite thing in the world to do right now is craft, that we would do that at her birthday party! We went to Kids N Art in Frisco and each child got to paint a small canvas. They all painted a dolphin and had a blast. The staff was incredible and took care of everything. Since Kyndall wanted a Barbie themed birthday, I made a Barbie birthday cake for her (thanks to my friend Candace for helping me with that one:). I also made each child their own apron with their name embroidered on it so they wouldn't ruin their clothes when painting(but Kids N Art will supply aprons if you don't want to make or bring your own) All in all, it was a sweet and fun time! Here are some pics of her and her friends! Oh and I almost forgot one of the most fun parts......face painting!! The artists that work there painted all the kids' faces!!! How fun:)