Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A few cute and funny moments this week by the Kelly girls

Here are some pics from our adventures so far this week (Mon & Tues) enjoy!
Playdate with Kate and Eric...we stuck the slide in the little pool and made a water park!!! We had a blast:)
Drying off and watching Dora...their fav show!!

Her shirt says, "Looking for Trouble" and that is EXACTLY the state of mind she is in right now (or at least it seems like it)!!! She is such a sweet girl, but the perfect song for her right now is "Miss Independent". She wants her own juice to carry and drink (as she spills it all over the place), she wants to eat her own food, on her own plate, with her own fork. And she copies EVERYTHING Kyndall does...it is the sweetest thing to watch. One day Kyndall got upset because she was copying her and I told her that Avery wants to be just like her and tries to copy her and do everything she does. Kyndall looked at me and said, "Like I do to you and Daddy". I love the things that come out of her mouth sometimes...so sweet!!

I put Mae in the hall behind the baby gate today when Avery was eating lunch (because she likes to persuade Avery into feeding her). She started whining and Kyndall came up to me and said, "Mae is crying Mommy". I just kept getting Avery her food and the next thing I know Kyndall is behind the gate saying, " I go back here so Mae no cry anymore, she happy now Mommy"! I ran and grabbed the camera as fast as I could...how sweet is that??!! Kyndall is towards the back left...you can see her run over to Kiley (on the far left of the screen) and then do the dance with her...too cute!!

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