Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating the 4th and Grammie's Birthday!

What a great little trip we took to Lubbock to see my parents! We had such a great time enjoying the weather, playing with Bits and Gram, and celebrating the 4th of July with a Birthday party for my sweet Grammie! Here are some fun pics from our trip!!
Happy Independence day Ya'll!!
Kyndall got her first ever Proffessionally painted nails!! She was so good...just sat still and smiled...thanks Rose's Nails in Lubbock!!
Cute little toes!
Kyndall's fingernails
Bits pushing Kyndall in the Tree Swing
Kyndal pushing Avery in the tree swing!
Avery LOVED playing the piano!! Especially with her Gram
Kyndall wearing Bits' boots around the house!! Cracked me up:)
Yummy Fruit basket Gram made for the 4th of July lunch!! So cute huh
Happy Birthday to Grammie
Kyndall eating her Dilly bar from DQ....almost home!
Too much junk food? Dilly bar from DQ in left hand and Famous Amos cookies in her lap!!
They love each other!! Holding hands on the way home!

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Allison said...

OMG... they are precious... Kyndall looks more and more like you every day! Avery is getting so big... I know we have talked multiple times about getting coffee but please let's plan it soon... like next week :) I miss you!!!!

I tagged you in my last post so go check it out!

Miss you... give those girls kisses and hugs from me!