Friday, June 12, 2009

No More Paci....

It is official!! As of June 4, 2009....14 days before her 3rd birthday...Kyndall Ann Kelly is no longer using a pacifier to sleep at night. I took Avery for her 15 month check up and my Dr. told me it was time for Kyndall's paci to be gone. It now is going to mess up her teeth and I didn't want that. So for about a month I had been warning her that she was a big girl now, and Paci's are for babies. I also told her that it wasn't good for her teeth (not that she is old enought to care about that yet). Then on June 4th I bit the bullet and told her that we needed to get rid of the paci for good. I told her that we would meet Daddy (her most favorite person in the world) at the mall and get a new ballerina bear. I told her that she could make her very own bear and we would put her paci safely in the bear and close it up tight and no longer use it to she could sleep with her new bear. It worked!! We placed the paci in the bear after stuffing it and said goodbye to it for good. She did really well that night too! She only mentioned once ripping the bear open and taking it out!! And I haven't heard about that old paci since!! Here are some cute pics of Kyndall making her Ballerina Bear!
Bye bye paci!! This is right before she made her bear...hmm...I think she isn't so sure about all of this!!
Washing Station: It blew air out to fluff up the bear...and Kyndall got to brush her:)

She LOVES her new Ballerina Bear!

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