Monday, June 15, 2009

The Kelly Girls go to VBS

Oh my goodness...I LOVE VBS (Vacation Bible School) !!! Kyndall goes from 9-12 everyday this week. She gets to do crafts, learn bible stories, do experiments, have snacks and play!! What more could a 3 year old want??!! And since she is only 3(on Thurs) I have to be up there while she is there, and I am volunteering in Avery's little class. Avery just gets to play with other little girls that are 1. But it is nice quality time I get to spend with her because there are only 3 babes in that class including Avery!! What a fun week we are having at church!! Here are a few pics from the first day!
This was at the door...we were about to leave!!

This was the huge waterfall they built in the had a tent and a camping cool!!

How cute is she wearing her name tag!!

I poked my head in Kyndall's class and took a pic of her eating a snack with "her guys" She LOVES VBS

Avery had fun in the little toy nook after we took the toys out!

Exploring the room with her cup of goldfish!

Avery and her new friend eating goldfish together!

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