Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day fun....a little late

We enjoyed a great bbq at the Ericson's house on Memorial day. Ever had pimento cheese burgers?...I would suggest trying them for sure!! We put the kids in their swimsuits and let them enjoy the nice warm weather by playing in the sprinkler!! All the kids had a blast fun...thought I would share some of the pics of the day! Lora, Eric's big sis was there too, but she had to change her clothes several times after getting water dumped on her (she is a good sport!) and I didn't get a good pic of her....she is a cutie though!
Kyndall and Eric having a BLAST in the sprinkler!!

Isn't that a cute, sweet, I'm about to get really dirty kinda face:)

All 3 kiddos together...fascinated by that silly mudhole!

Kyndall and Avery making the mud hole...well....muddier!

Spa treatment: Soaking in a mud hole...all the clothes had to come off!!

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