Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Family Get-away

Kyndall came up to me a couple of weeks ago and said, "Mommy, can we go to see Shamu again and ride the roller coaster?" I thought, why not, right? So I called Jim and he agreed it would be fun to have a weekend Get-away and take the girls to Sea World again. Last year in April of '09, we took the girls for a family vacay to San Antonio and South Padre Beach. We went to Sea World (click on "sea world" if you want a quick peek back to that post) then, and Kyndall LOVED it...Avery was indifferent. Kyndall was just a smidge too short for the Shamu Roller Coaster and has mentioned SEVERAL different times since that trip how bad she wants to go on it! She also LOVED seeing Believe, the Shamu show and all the other sea creatures....so......
Jim set up a hotel and we drove there early Sat. morning...straight to Sea World and Kyndall was ready to get going!! Here she is pushing Avery in the Parking lot:The infamous pic with Shamu....we still have to do a family shot....the girls aren't exactly comfortable going "kid only" yet:)

First stop was the Shamu Roller Coaster...wish I could have gotten a better shot, but my little camera didn't do movement shots well: Kyndall went once with Jim and once with me...Ave was a little too short this year, maybe next year!!!

On to Believe!! Wow, I love this show:) So did the girls!!

Then we took Avery on a few rides she WAS big enough to go on:

Dolphin Cove:
And the final show was Azul with Dolphins and Beluga Whales...incredible!!!

Avery was pretty done for the day after this one, so we checked out the sharks and bought them some toys before leaving for the day. 5 hours at Sea World put us all to bed early that night!!!
My favorite part of the trip, besides watching the girls have a blast at Sea World, was shopping at the outlet mall in San Marcos and eating at The Gristmill in Gruene, Texas on the way home!! Here is a pic of the girls peeking out the window like they did last year, only being super sweet and lovey this year:) I love my sweet family and had a wonderful mini-vacay with them!!!

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Jenny Garland said...

Super cute!! What a fun quick getaway. I loooove the pic of you and Miss Avery :)