Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sea World....Family Vacation...Day 2

Day 2 was fun/fiasco at Sea World....Kyndall's fav was Shamu...the real one...not the dressed up one. Avery's favorite was the toddler bounce area, which was just a huge soft area with big soft blocks to play with...she could have stayed for hours (really!). We specifically planned this trip to go when Diego was going to be there...major disappointment. We went into the show and he came out and danced to Rockin' Robin then they just took him off stage and had an episode play on a big movie screen. Kyndall kept saying, "When I get to see Day-do(Diego)" She was completely bummed...but all in all it was a fun day! Enjoy the pics....
Oh yeah...we got the cheesy tourist pic right when we walked into Sea World...gotta love Shamu!
Dolphin feeding area...they would come right up to you and splash a little...they were so pretty...and loved showing off!

This is Kyndall and Jim posing in front of one of the Clydesdales (sp?) at Sea World...they were so gentle and beautiful!

This was Me, Kyndall and Avery at the Shamu show waiting for the action to start!

Jim trying to keep Avery happy during the Shamu show...don't worry there wasn't anyone behind us!

Jim having fun with the girls in the toddler area...

Kyndal building a tower didn't last very long!

Avery's own little piece of Heaven at Sea World...she just smiled and bounced around for the longest time

Kyndall at the Diego show

Whew that place wore little Avery out!

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