Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet The Teacher night!

Wow, what a crazy thing to see your baby's name on a desk tag for her to sit and learn and go to school! I can't believe Kyndall is old enough to go to Preschool. We are taking her to the one at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church this year 3 days a week. She was SO excited to sign up for Preschool and has been waiting and waiting all Summer long to get to finally go! We went to "Meet the Teacher" night and found her spot at her table:Then Kyndall went through the items there which were a new T-shirt, a chance to win $100 off tuition this month, and some letters from her teachers (for the parents) and guidelines on procedures etc....

Her "Lead" teacher is Kari Korth and has a daughter named Kendyl...that was pretty cool!!!

Here is Kyndall telling her teacher how to spell her name and Avery's name.

The Assistant teacher in her class is Danielle Thompson...super sweet as well. I really enjoyed meeting these ladies and look forward to them teaching Kyndall this year!
There was also a small craft show (emphasis on the word small) which Jenny Garland and I decided to enter...hmm...DUD!!! I made $15 and Jenny made $10....and we spent it all on food, boo!!
But back to Kyndall.....She really seemed excited and a little nervous. Then we got home, she went to bed and I heard SOBBING. So I went upstairs to find her totally balling her eyes out because she wants to stay home and play with her sister. I mean how sweet is that? I knew they were close and enjoyed each other, but she is really going to miss being with her. I let her know that it was not all day, and Avery would be napping for most of the time she was gone, but she is still pretty nervous. She starts her first day on Thursday, so hopefully by then she will feel a little better about it. I will be praying for peace and calmness for her and her worry to be wiped away. It breaks my heart to see her this upset about Preschool, but I know that once she starts she will be happy and excited about going....I'll keep you all updated!!!

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