Monday, August 2, 2010


Exotropia: An outward turning of the eye. It may occur only when the child is daydreaming, ill, or tired. Parents often notice that the child squints one eye in bright sunlight (this is to compensate for seeing double).
We had noticed since Kyndall was about 2 1/2 that she kind of squinted one eye in the sunlight, and when the flash would go off for some pics. Here are a couple examples of her squinting:
2 1/2 years old
3 1/2 years old

Her left eye squints, and if she is out in the sun for a prolonged period it gets REALLY obvious. We also noticed when she was getting tired, sometimes her left eye would look away so her eyes looked like they were looking in 2 different places. We decided to take her to a pediatric Opthamologist, Dr. Catherine Chen so we could find out if this was serious. And it turns out that she has what is called, Exotropia (defined above). There is about a 30% chance it will heal on it's own and a 30% chance she would need surgery. If it stays like it is now, which is also what could happen, surgery is not recommended. For Kyndall, there is no other option to help correct it. So we are praying that it heals itself.

Kyndall was a Princess Pirate while being examined by Dr. Chen:

They even had a train for the girls to play with while we waited on Kyndall's eyes to dialate:

This was the final examination before she gave us her diagnosis:
We are going back in 3 months to keep track of her little eye!


Snuzi said...

I am praying with you that it will heal on it's own. But good grief have the CUTEST kids I have ever seen in my life. Why aren't these girls in magazines?!?!

Kristi Kelly said...

Thanks girl!!! For the prayers and sweet compliments:) You have a pretty stinkin cute little man yourself!!!