Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lubbock Bound!

Kyndall wanted to go and visit her Bits and Gram (my parents). So the girls and I packed up (poor Jim had to stay and work) and headed to Lubbock for a couple of days! We had so much fun...Grammie and Popo came and made some yummy corn on the cob (do you know a little sugar in the water pot really makes the corn taste super yummy).....

My parents were "kitty sitting" for their friends and the girls LOVED it! Especially Avery...she was enamored:

My parents also bought a little pool to splash in!! Total hit with the girls:

Sitting with Bits:

Playing Princess with Popo:

Kyndall swinging with Grammie and the kitty she named "Barbie Princess"

Avery and her Gram!

All in all is was a wonderful trip! The girls can't wait to go back and hopefully Jim can go next time!!

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