Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When the kids are away...Mommy will play!

We went to visit my parents and Grandparents over the 4th of July to celebrate Grammie (more about that to come on Saturday) and spend time together.  The girls wanted to stay with my parents for a few more days while Jim and I came home...
We kissed them goodbye and headed back to McKinney!  First, we had dinner with Jim's Dad that night, which was super Olive Garden's new Chicken with Parmesian ravioli...yum!
Then, I got a day of eating lunch at Cafe Max...double yum, and fabric shopping all morning.  After that, I met up with my sweet Preggo friend, Janette,  and we took our big ole selves to the nail salon and got pedicures...ahhh
Then, I got to go on a hot date with my hunk of a husband that night!!  We ate at the Grand Luxe in the Galleria Mall!!  What a fun time we had just enjoying each other...and of course talking about our sweet babies who were in Lubbock!!

Whew!  That was a pretty great day, right...well then today, Wednesday, I slept in til 8:30, read my book for an hour, then got up and around.  At 4:00, I picked up my friend Jenny (and her little one Harper) and we headed our to eat at Breadwinners with our sweet friend, Lisa!!  Now, I had to manipulate a pic of all 3 of us because I forgot to bring my camera in for the restaurant!!

Then, Jenny and I headed to the cutest little shop in Dallas called The Shabby Sheep and took the most FUN beginner crochet class!!

Oh yeah, check my hard work out!!

Harper couldn't keep her cute lil' eyes off my handi-work

Next up??  I think I'll make this!!
Well....maybe I need more practice for that!!  Click on the pic to see this girl's etsy shop...she rocks!!

Anyway, I have had an AMAZING 2 days full of relaxation, dinners, friend time, husband time, and NOW I get to go pick up my sweet girls!!  I thought I would want more time, but I sure do miss their sweet voices, loving cuddles, and cute little faces!  I will definitely let them go visit their Bits and Gram anytime they want, but it sure is nice knowing they'll be back in my arms tomorrow!! 


Johanson Family said...

What a great few days vacation in your own home town with friends and the hubs!! Well deserved too!!! Especially the tootsie and leg massage!

vintagemodernquilts | Lisa said...

Ooh crochet looks fun! I loved having dinner with you girls!!!

Jenny Garland said...

Yay for some time away!! Dinner and crochet were so much fun - Lisa I tried to call when we got there (no one else showed up so you totally could have taken the class!). We really loved that place.