Thursday, July 21, 2011

Avery visits Dr. Chen

I took Avery to her 3 year old well check and what do you know?  She failed her eye exam:(  Jim is near sighted, all his family had glasses, and my dad had glasses too.  So the poor thing didn't have much of a chance did she?  I, however, have great vision and so does Kyndall (minus the exotropia thing, but her vision is perfect).  Speaking of exotropia, Avery went with us on that visit (which is the same pediatric opthamologist we took Avery to) so as soon as she walked into the office, there was no hesitation....she just hopped in the exam chair and gave me a big smile (she is used to many pictures by now).
Dr. Chen (who is awesome I might add) said she had 20/40 and 20/50 vision.  She is near sighted and has an astigmatizm.  But, it doesn't really affect her everyday life right now and Dr. Chen said she didn't want to give her glasses this young if she wasn't struggling.   So we will go back in February for a re-evaluation unless she starts showing signs of discomfort and frustration.
They did dialate (sp?) her eyes and Kyndall and Avery got to go to the "train room" to wait 30 minutes for her eyes to do just that...ugh. 
This was Dr. Chen checking Avery out one last time after dialation to determine for sure whether to recommend glasses or wait:
Avery thought that machine was SO COOL!  I totally forgot to bring her sunglasses though and when we walked outside she was practically blinded by the sun.  So my big 'ole pregnant self had to carry her in the dead heat to the car!!  What a trooper though, and Kyndall was such a great helper....I'll keep everyone updated when she ends up with her "little 4 eyes"

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Johanson Family said...

so sweet... gosh, I can't believe how long Kyndall's hair is getting!!
Such a brave lil' girl to hop in that chair!!