Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Update!

What is more fun than being pregnant with your 3rd baby??  How about being pregnant with one of your best friends in the whole world!!!  Due the same month!!  I have actually been blessed with a few friends who are all pregnant and due near we can all be big and eat like crazy together:)  I think our husbands might have to form a support group with all the emotions going around!!!

Janette and Me showing off our Halfway there baby bumps!!

How far along: 22 weeks
Cravings:  baked potatoes, turkey and cheese sandwiches, popsicles, and PRINGLES and M&Ms
Weight gain: about 15lbs so far
Gender: So we had a little fun with this one:)
First, we went to a 13 week screening and they told us they were 95% sure we were having a _____.  We had them write it in a card and I took it straight to one of my besties Jenny Garland.  She then baked us a cake (pink in the middle for girl and blue for boy):
She brought the cake over and luckily family was in I made everyone dress in either pink or blue to guess what we were having...Jim wore red because he doesn't have a pink shirt...

Then we cut the cake (after Avery insisted we sing Happy Birthday first! HA!!)  And we got:

Girl!!  Then I was a little worried it might not be that accurate so I am just now telling this story after having my 20 week sono and they confirmed FOR SURE we are having another girl!!!

Name:  We are 95% sure we are going with Emery, or Emory.  Won't that be cute, Kyndall, Avery and Emery?

We are all super excited for October to come around so we can meet her!!  Looks like we are going to officially schedule the c-section for October 25th!!  I better get sewing if I am going to make a bunch of frilly cute stuff for her huh!!!


Melinda said...

Piper was an October 26th baby!! That is a great month!We are looking at December BABIES .. Dr. Anderson told me that he will let me go anytime after December 12th. I am hoping for a New Year's baby just to make it a happy medium between Mark and I's birthdays. He is December 27 and I am January 9 (the babies are technically due January 10) ... This is so fun .. I was BLUE for our gender reveal!! BLUE BLUE BLUE!!!

You look AWESOME for halfway there and I can't wait to see this pretty girl!! Emery is a beautiful name!!

Lisa said...

Yay for 3 girls!! And love the name. Hope you are feeling good!

Cynthia said...

I love the way you did your gender reveal!! What a fun way to include all the family in the excitement!! Can't wait to see sweet little Emory!
Love to all of your family!

Jenny Garland said...

So exciting!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of the big reveal :)

Johanson Family said...

Such a sweet post!! I love it! I love the name Emery or Emory... lil' babe Em Kelly! So sweet!!!
Love being pregnant with you..

Angela Yosten said...

Congrats on another girl! Cute way of announcing it... hmmm maybe I will have to steal your idea. :)