Friday, July 15, 2011

Banana Splits are THE BEST!

Kyndall, Avery and I went out on the town the other day in search of white chenille fabric.  You would have thought it would have been easy to find with all the fabric stores around here but we drove from one to another all afternoon with no luck!  So I decided I was craving a banana split when I saw Braums across the street from our last fabric shop.  The girls were hot, tired and it was perfect!  There is a history with Braums, Grammie and used to go eat there together as a special treat.  We would get their burgers, fries and then every time we would split a yummy banana split!!
And who can resist one of these babies:

And you know, they are EXACLTY the same as always.  That is the best thing about Braums.  Now, I will tell you to avoid the Braums in Plano off of was pretty dirty:(  Even the girls thought it was (tables, restroom)  the food, drinks and trays seemed pretty good though.  I would go to the one on McDermott and Alma if you are in this area.  Kyndall was not so sure about a banana split though, she said, "I want a banilla (vanilla) scoop in a cone"  so I told her that she had to try the b-split and if she still wanted the vanilla cone I would get her one.

After she tried it, she was hooked!!  And Avery's favorite thing in the whole world is ice cream so she was in Heaven!!  They had a little mini grocery store there Kyndall just HAD to go get fixin's for our very own banana splits from home....check out the flavors the girls picked out!

This beat-down hot Texas weather definitely calls for some banana splits in our near future again:)  You know bananas have potassium, and ice cream has my mind this is a SUPER healthy snack!!  ha!!

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Johanson Family said...

Ice cream always makes a hot day happy!! Or any day for that matter... and I love having lil' partner's in crime to go with me to get my guilty pleasures... I remember in college we would drag each other to get our guilty pleasures... from breakfast to dinner... whatever it was! :)