Monday, July 18, 2011

Guess what Grandpa made....

You may or may not know much about my Father-in-law, but one thing you HAVE to know about him is that he is amazingly creative and an awesome carpenter!  He has made so many things/furniture for our house and for us.  He has made baby furniture, helped Jim build a playset in the backyard, our entertainment center, kitchen table, gliding bench, cooler, chess table, chinese checkers game, and I know there is more, but my mind is blank.  Well, he has outdone himself lateley...check this beauty:
That is my NEW custom made jewelry box!!!  It is beautiful....I mean BEAUTIFUL!!!  Check out all the details he added (beading, K, border and knobs!!!)  I am IN LOVE with it....It holds all the jewelry I have!!!  I am the luckiest Daughter-in-law EVER!  Not only is he creative and thoughtful, but an amazing FIL and Grandpa!!  I had to brag on him a little:)

Not only did he make me my jewelry box, but he customized 2 smaller ones for the girls so they could have their very own!!  He even bought them little rings to put inside theirs!!!  They LOVE theirs too:)

Thanks Grandpa for making us the BEST Jewelry boxes EVER!!!  We love you:)

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Johanson Family said...

Does he want to adopt me and my children?