Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's my day!

Well, it is the end of the year and it was a super special day for Kyndall.  It was her Preschool Graduation!!  CUTE overload in this post!!!  First of all, were they wanting all the Mommies to cry when they did a slide show of these???:
I mean, come on, don't you think I am realizing how fast she is growing up without them doing something like this!!!  I'm pregnant...let the tears flow!!!  Anyway, I want you to remember this post in September, where Kyndall looked like she was going to ball her eyes out on her first day of preschool and now look at her...happy as can be with her teachers:

Ms. Kari

Ms. Alichia

She came down the aisle to graduate in her sweet little hat:

Lined up on stage to sing their final preschool songs:

Then Sat down and waited patiently as a class to get their diplomas:

Kyndall got hers for being "Miss Creative"

We are so proud of our little graduate!!!

So we left the graduation and told Kyndall we would take her anywhere she wanted to go to celebrate Graduating Pre K and being such a sweet, smart, precious little girl.  She said, "because it's my day today!"  Yes, love, it is YOUR day today!!  She likened it to Mother's day and how I got to choose everything.  Sure, enjoy little one!!!

So what is next?  Oh, that would be Big School Kindergarten.  Do you know what you have to do to register for Kindergarten?  Let me tell you, gather your child's SS card, Birth Certificate, shot records from your Pedi, fill out a 2 page info sheet, bring in a water/gas/electricity bill to prove you live where you live, and YOUR driver's license...whew.  Then take it up to the school (with your future little kindergartener) and let her see/meet the people there.  Success!!  Kyndall is super excited, the school is cute, clean, and the staff was super friendly.  Now, you would think since I am a former teacher (6 years teaching 2nd grade before my sweet girls) I would be very confident and happy to drop her off there.  WRONG!!  When did she get big enough for kindergarten?  How did this happen, I was right here all along and am still not ready to send her off.  But, I will be by August right?  Until then I will be praying that God gives her an amazing teacher that will nurture her, love her, and teach her so that she is as happy there as she has been at home with me these last 5 years.  I love my big girl!!!

Here is a slideshow of some highlights of her year at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church's Pre K!!


Snuzi said...

Beyond adorable! And I LOVE the family pic!

Johanson Family said...

Love the recap of graduation!! So sweet!! She has grown up awfully fast!! I can remember when she was born! I'm so glad you are going through this now so you can help me get through it in 2 years!