Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Well, Hello Summer!

Well, Hello there summer!!  Right after Kyndall's graduation we decided to head into summer in full force!  We took a road trip to Amarillo (to visit Grammie and go to a Bridal Shower)  I didn't get many pictures there...only one it seems...and I stole that from my friend Stephanie!!  Stephanie and I were BFF's in Middle School and have gotten back in touch via Facebook (yay!).  We got our kiddos together for a super fun playdate:

We also got together with my good friend Sidney and her son Colton...but I didn't get any pics and neither did she...guess we were too busy catching up and chasing kiddos:)

We also spent that time visiting Grammie and Popo...what a wonderful time we had there...wish we had actually taken more pics:)

Then it was off to Lubbock for some fun!!  Kyndall had fun pulling Avery in the little wagon:

Avery had fun helping Gram water plants (maybe she'll be better at gardening than me:)

Then it was back to McKinney to celebrate some birthdays!  This was Ellie's 5th birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  There is a great pic of the whole group with Chuck-E...but Kyndall refused to go near him!  It's okay, I understand....He IS a little creepy looking if you ask me.  And Kyndall says, "A mouse is supposed to be small, not like him"  Ha!

Kate is friends with Ellie too...so she was at the party!!

We have also made several trips to the pool!!

And...Kyndall's friend Kiley had her 5th birthday Luau at the Beach Pool in McKinney...so fun!!!
We also seem to be spending a lot of time loving on little baby Harper:

She is so precious and makes me want to have my baby NOW!
Finally, we went to the splash pad with our Garland girls too!
Whew!  We are trying to enjoy the summer and get out of the house a little....how is your summer going???


Johanson Family said...

I love the recap and your summer fun off to a great start!! What a great way to spend the time with friends.. at the pool or beach!!! Makes me wish I was not at work!

Dorelen said...

I love your blog! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful! I completely agree about chucke chesse mouse :). What a blessing your new edition will be to your sweet family. It was wonderful seeing you at the bridal shower.