Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of Preschool!!

Well, guess who started Preschool today? At first, she was a little nervous, but gave me a smile at the door anyway....Then we got to the school, and she walked in the room, but wasn't happy about it....

I asked her to let me take a pic of her sitting in her seat so I could show everyone what a big girl she was, and I got the pouty lip! (All the while, Avery was trying to play with the toys they had set up for the boys and girls to play with as they came in the room!)

So Kyndall gave Avery a sad sweet hug goodbye, as Avery was still eyeing the toys on the table again! Avery didn't want to leave and Kyndall did! Go figure:) No tears though!!

While Kyndall was at school, Avery and I had a playdate with Piper and Caleb Mathis...While the Mommies planned for our first MOPS meeting, the kiddos played some games together....Love Avery's strategy to pick up all the butterflies that were on the ground. She didn't cheat it says you can do that in the rules:)

When I picked Kyndall up, she looked at her teachers and said goodbye to them, then looked at me and said, "I love Preschool, can I go back tomorrow?" Sweetest words I could have heard. She rattled off stories and activities she did, then we went to pick up her cousin Dani from highschool and we all celebrated a great Thursday at Yogurtie for some fancy Yogurt!

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